Examining the carefully selected color palette of Netflix's THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT

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I don’t know if I would go so far as to call the use of complimentary color “brilliant”, I learned about it in second grade art class.

wait…it’s not all blue and orange tints?


This video is flawed when talking about colour theory it neglects to talk about the difference between print and film which are two completely different colour spaces. Anyone who works between film and print will know this.

Print (photography) assumes colours are ‘SUBTRACTED’ from the white paper they are printed on. The primary colours are Cyan Magenta Yellow CMYK. This space is about adding ink to white paper and when all colours are combined they theoretically equal black (in real life the inks produce a murky brown so they use “k” black ink to do the job.

In ADDITIVE colour space the primary colours are red green blue RGB - this is what you’re looking at now. Light is projected to the eye not reflected off paper. The pixel starts at black and when all three colours are added equally, given brightness, you will have a sliding scale from black to grey to white.

Colour theory gets way more complex when you look at the historical context of the evolution of primary colours in Western culture. the historical difference imbued in different colours and the neurological perception of colors (Magenta is synthesized in the human brain etc.).

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Sure, sure, all good, unless you have color blindness or in some cases achromatopsia.

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