How tri-color e-ink works

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Sounds like you should be able to do the same trick for white and another color with the polarity swapped. Back to the days of 4-color CGA!

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Bring back white, black, cyan and magenta, the finest color palette ever invented.


S’ pretty good for signs encouraging even running (instead of honking) and silent appreciation. Getting a hibachi spatula like that as soon as I’m blown away by a pageful of hydrogen-powered hibachi and exercise to hydrogen chargers on Aimee’zoniziet.

eta…well. I should still be guessing at that. Lord Kelvin O Latex’s one, then. Thanks for the prompt to sleep already then. Sorry!

If you cheap out you can use yellow, cyan and magenta as spot pigments instead of going through the hassle of calculating the CMYK separations. Quite a few cheaply produced books fom the 1970s used this method.

gotta up your game flossy


There are e journals out there where the only standard is whether the fee has been paid.

Current Trends in Fashion Technology and Engineering Volume 5 Number 4 contains a smuttty article that wouldn’t pass peer review at literotica.

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