How ink is made


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This is a repeat, but I’ll watch it every time…


Interesting video. I counted two people wearing gloves … I would be a multi-colored canvas from head to toe working in an ink factory.


I love this. But I can do without that guy and his reverent blather.


Disappointed at the lack of excited squid.


This is porn for Art Majors.

The ‘Pantone’ he refers to is the standard reference for people who specify colors - paint colors, fabric colors, printed ads, etc. Instead of saying 'It should be kinda blue-ish…", you can give the distant contractor an RGB color code. But, the Pantone color paint chip thingies are staggeringly expensive:

Pantone portable swatches

Therefore, a lot of starving artists I know and a few eBay dealers use the Crayola pack of 64 crayons as a ‘Poor Man’s Pantone’:



Roger that! :wink:


I just want someone to look at me the way that guy looks at ink.


No oak gall?


There’s a whole subreddit for things that look like food, but you should definitely not eat:



The big rolling mills used to smodge apart the pigment particles look like conching chocolate; the creamy. glossy consistency reminds me of high end chocolatiers.
Disclosure: I worked for a couple of years in a print shop, and mixing inks from the Pantone ‘recipe book’ is fun.


Shit…If I did that all day, I’d probably forget to ask for my paycheck…


Okay, at about 1:00, one might wonder if little girls get ground into the pigment for Flesh…


That’s what baffles me. They’re making ink, which is designed to get everywhere and stick, and there’s not a speck of stain anywhere. Dude’s mixing ink and wearing a classy button-up shirt and it’s spotless.


Yeah, EXACTLY! I was even prepared to think they issued new uniforms the day they shot the video,but no…those uniforms are obviously their regular daily wear that’s been launder enough to be limp and a little faded.

WTF? The floor is also spotless.


All that is missing is that wonderful ink aroma. Whenever I get a rare whiff, it recalls memories of the 4 and 5-color map presses in the building where I worked.

Hey Elon, once you knock out the Mars shuttle how’s about tackling smell-i-vision. On second thought, nevermind.



I used to work with Pantone back when I had an after school job at a print shop (featuring PageMaker 1.0 on first gen Mac sans HDD, but that’s another story), but now I’m more an RAL guy, comes with the territory.

(Actually, RAL has 38 shades of grey. Yes, grey.)


That guy inks.