How ink is made: a voluptuous process revealed in a mouth-watering video


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Chief Ink Maker Peter Welfare comparing the pigment’s gooey “vehicle” to honey?

That’s a dude that loves his job, impressive.


Gorgeous video. As soon as he said, “about” I knew he was countryman. Sure enough, “The Printing Ink Company: Rycoline Inc”, Vaughan Ontario.

I’d kill to have a sit down with this guy and discuss the shortcomings of CMYK versus various 6-colour processes.


It’s a gorgeous video, but it doesn’t show them extracting the unicorn tears that make inkjet printer ink so expensive.


How do those guys stay so clean? Every print shop I’ve ever been in is much messier.






You ever watch someone do their job or just any mundane task and then really really wonder how they fuck?




Beautiful. I had this compulsion to dive into a vat of that yellow ink the whole time.


That guy is really doing it the hard way.


It’s like that crayon factory Mr. Rogers short for adults.


That video was made by my friend Ian Daffern, a Canadian film-maker, comic book author and all around cool dude.


That was a really cool video. I expected to like it, but not as much as I did. And that’s not just because it’s a Canadian company.


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