Excellent, cheap monitor stand


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Or grab one of these from the grocery store…


Seconded - cheap, sturdy, unobtrusive.



Not so stylish are the free monitor stands that are delivered to the doorstep every couple of years or so.


Wall mount 4eva


I join in the chorus of doubters about this product. I can’t help but look at the picture and wonder how one access the ports on the side of the laptop, as might be useful for, say, connecting the monitor to the laptop.

I also wonder how, with the laptop under the monitor, you are supposed to open it for cooling purposes, or to use its screen as a secondary monitor.

If one needs a monitor stand, the books or crate suggestions are eminently reasonable. At my old job, it was routine of me to use old computer books (5 year old SAMS books have about the right level of relevance and thickness) as monitor stands. For some reason, we never ran out of them when we needed new stands.


At my work people usually end up grabbing the unused reams of printer paper and stack them up for their monitors. It works but then you run into the frustration of needing printer paper and knowing that several people in the building are hoarding it all and will never use it.

Would rather use old books or directory books. Though if someone wanted something straightforward and cheap i don’t see how one could go wrong buying a plastic monitor stand. There are plenty that look quite sturdy. A few in my office also have opted for getting ones that are meant to convert your desk space into a stand up desk whenever you want and they are awesome.


Pretty much exactly the one I’ve had for…well forever. Except mine has a grid of holes drilled in the tray which makes it high performance.


We tend to use a fair number of G-RAID drives at my job. I use empty G-RAID boxes on a pair of Ikea end tables atop my desk. Looks cheap as hell, but puts everything where I like it.


Or you could build your own with some assembly required:



This was a pet peeve of mine. It felt so incredibly wasteful to do this. Just ask your admin to order you a stand FFS.


I’ve had stands similar to the one in Mark’s post. They work well enough but they tend to be a little wobbly.


Or use a couple of old phone books.


Came here to say the same thing. That’s exactly what I did except I bought these sexy chrome legs from Amazon instead. The bonus is the shelf is wide enough for both my monitors with plenty of room underneath for cables,speakers, etc.

(My monitor at work is propped up with old books though)


Here’s my rig:

surprisingly expensive for a monitor stand, I mean, considering that campus bookstores have a monopoly, and could basically offer books at cost…


Have the 8 " legs on my home monitor (to have eye level even). Have 2 monitors at work, so I have 2 of the pieces. Because I’m in a quarter cube (90 degree facing) I put the two stands in a 90 degree configuration and put the monitors above. Gives me plenty of under monitor storage and allows me to have my laptop open as a 3rd monitor.


I do love my version of this stand, with the holes in the top plate. It’s great! Allsop, I believe.


I know it’s in the $100 range, not $15, but Amazon has copies of Ergotron monitor stands in their AmazonBasics line (desk and wall mount versions). No clue if they are knockoffs or if Ergotron is OEM-ing them for Amazon like they do for HP. But they are amazing nice. I have a pair of the ergotron wall mount versions at home. And it’s so nice to finally be able to raise my monitors to the right height. I want mine about 11 inches over my desk, and I’ve not been very successful doing that with desk stands.


I know it’s stylish, but don’t steal the infrastructure.