Excellent examples of people getting exactly what they deserve

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Slightly off topic rant but seeing the story with the kids and the cell phone connections reminds me of all the breathless coverage over the decades on how kids are so much better at tech and are “Digital natives” and how much that shit is just bullshit. I run into kids that have no clue past using specific apps but really shallow understanding. Now young geeks get the shit but may be still learning.

I get a ton of hate comments on my furry content on youtube. Just makes me laugh as all their comments of “Cringe” just feeds my channel and just give the algorithm the idea they like it and they will be fed more and more furry content and in a few years they will own a fur-suit and be at con. I see over and over examples of people of all ages just being really shit at tech.

I really need to make youtube shorts that are “Why is this furry on your feed” videos that teach kids on how the platforms manipulate them.



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What dickheads… sorry you go to deal with that.


You know it’s just like #39: vocally against it while doing it himself.


#3 - but I hired him anyway because it was a marketing job.

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