YouTube stars gone wild


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I would be happy to patronize Barley House if it were local.


It seems almost a caricature of the narcissistic, talentless YouTube star

You can just say ‘YouTube star’.



On the contrary, there are many YouTubers making smart valuable content. Just not these oxygen thieves.


Oh yeah this is crazy.

My almost-6 daughter bought a Jo-Jo Siwa shirt at Target.


I was like “who the heck is this”, but that is a personality she knows from YouTube Kids.

I actually like the fact that people can be stars without touching mainstream media or being “on TV” in the traditional sense. Any one of us could do this, and that strikes me as ultimately better for everyone’s future than the ABC, NBC, CBS media grist machines of the past.



Celebrities who are famous only for being famous, behaving badly and getting in trouble with the law? How novel. This has never happened before.

And get off my lawn.


Have they been able to convince hundreds of their rabid fans to cause mayhem on their behalf so easily before?


So is Cleveland where all the YouTube stars hang out?


I think the non-douchebag ones are in Minnesota.


Shit like this makes me question the value of an open and free internet. Maybe the unwashed masses don’t deserve nice things.


I’ve friends in Cleveland and I’ve been in the area. Many better places. Although honestly this gives me a higher opinion of the place. Still it’s mostly full of frat/bro/jock types (which is why the two you-tube-douches were there to begin with).


Non-vapid Youtube “stars”:


I think the other difference is those who make good content rarely refer to themselves as stars.


I can think back to high school when “cliques” seemed so damned important, “Whoooooaaa, she’s hanging with those dorks?! Ewwww! Gross.”

That’s what this is, immature bullshit. A clueless kid gets it in his/her head that certain people are cool, worships them for reasons that won’t make sense when they are older, and then does something stupid out of that devotion.

So it’s not new, it’s just amplified by social media.

I will say, it continually amazes me the way the internet is used and abused, and how it changes our lives in ways few could have foreseen. Like any tool it can be used for good or evil, but it’s such a new powerful tool that its uses are more pronounced than anything previous.


There are many of them, no doubt. But as Sturgeon said, 95% of everything is crap. And 95% of the people who can film something and post it on YouTube is a far higher number than I’m willing to sift through.


I mainly listen to history or fun fact or science videos, with some gaming history for fun.

I just learned about the Daddy of Five channel, which has been removed, and just the selected segments were stomach churning in their content. It was literal child abuse, and IIRC the got probation for what they showed. The even sicker thing is the fans and their devotion to the channel and their eagerness to create new plots to torture their kids.


Darn kids these days with their tubes.


So did YouTube shut down their accounts if that’s what they’re gonna do with them?