Gentleman takes his Lamborghini to CarMax to sell it


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CarMax offered me $300 for a '92 Previa. I sold it to my neighbor for $1800, which was a really good deal for him.


Fucking asshat. I’m no fan of used car salesmen, but wasting their time to demonstrate what a spoiled brat you are is peak YouTube dickhead.


Skip to 7:30 if you just want to know what they ended up offering.

How about just tell me $ amount? Not falling for the clickbait :wink:




Seriously…what @GulliverFoyle said. I am seriously sickened that a YouTuber as a profession is netting him enough money to afford to purchase a Lamborghini. Used this goes for around $90k and I can think of numerous things I would buy/pay off or invest in with 90k and a damn Lamborghini is not one of them.


It is a peak, but I have a funny feeling this is far from the summit of YouTube asshattery.

Lets go back to base camp and drink.


You can also think of numerous other ways to make money, and a damn YouTube channel isn’t one of them!


I can’t argue with that.

Actually, even that jackass isn’t the lowest.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great content creators on YouTube making modest supplemental incomes actually contributing to their niche communities. Then there’s these assholes.


this right here. I agree with both you and @One_Brown_Mouse that there are some real salt of the earth types and by that I mean SCUM of the earth. :wink:

Then there are folks that do some great and fun podcast type videos from MentalFloss to Mr Sunday Movies, to Whatculture. And then there is my personal fave right now in Binging with Babish.

But those folks if they made that much cash, I think would invest in their own show and production as well as something more “reasonable”.


I was about to bring up Jake Paul. Been keeping up with his shenanigans as reported by DeFranco’s news channel and the guy sounds like an absolute nightmare.

Jake Paul has been doing what he’s been doing on purpose because it gets him millions of views and subs. It’s clear destructive behavior but its making him a millionaire so what incentive does he have to stop?


None, and I’m sure he won’t until the idiots get tired of him and find a new jackass to click on. Ultimately he and those like him are a symptom of widespread social ills.


They just need to be ignored. Even publicly shaming them and calling them out only brings more attention and money to their channel. The less time i spend thinking about this asshole the faster i can move on to not caring about who he is.


Huh? This isn’t some mom-and-pop shoestring organization that’s going to miss their rent this month because of the time this took. It’s a giant, giant business. They can spare a guy for an hour for a publicity stunt, which we know because they did.

The guys on the floor got to drive and poke around a cool car, and Carmax itself got a ton of incredibly positive free advertising. If there are victims here, they don’t work at Carmax.


CarMax reps work on commission for sales, buys and trade-ins, and aren’t exactly handsomely compensated. As diseased as the auto sales industry is, their time is their money. I’m sure the company doesn’t care.


Jake Paul was in the NYTimes yesterday. I had never heard of him, but I’m an over-50. I asked my 15-year-old son, and I was relieved that he had never heard of him either.


That’s where I first became acquainted with Jake Paul as well. I watched his rap video the article mentioned and still can’t understand who his audience is. Please tell me it’s bots or something?


Never watched anything he’s made, never will. Just read the article on what a classy neighbor he is.


What’s CarMax?


First, let’s take off and nuke the site from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.