Logan Paul goes to Japan and treats everyone there like shit


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Christ, what a racist asshole.


What’s with all the criticism? It’s not like the president* would represent the US any differently when travelling abroad.


The far worse part, IMHO, is YouTube making this video one of their top-10 “Trending” videos, and thus officially pushing this kind of content as a “good thing.”

Google and YouTube are digging themselves ever deeper. I don’t know when FB, Goog, YT, Twit, and rest will implode, but the societal damage that they are causing will have a cost on their business. Eventually. Unless the entire human race has gone mad, which is not outside the realm of possibility.


Most YouTube personalities are garbage. It’s why I prefer more boring folks who do Let’s Plays and/or other stuff I’m interested in. The loud personalities like Logan Paul and PewDiePie just get on my nerves.


I only could watch half, but it’s not that much worse than how I’ve seen drunken westerners acting in Japan.


Well, what do you expect if an ignorant, attention-whoreing tool like him hangs around in a country that he knows jack and shit about?


I feel sorry for him – you can sense his desperation as he joylessly performs these unpleasant stunts on unappreciative victims

I don’t. He’s making himself, those around him, and Google a lot of money. He has no incentive to not be the worst human being because whatever he does he’s guaranteed money. However he still has made the conscious choice day in and day out to not use his reach for anything positive, despite his freedom to do whatever he wants.

While i would wish for him to become irrelevant and go away, i would much rather see him change for the better in some way. His content doesn’t affect me in any way, i don’t consume his garbage but i do worry what effect this will have on the younger people that do and what they’ll think is normal.


If one wants a YouTube channel that shows Japan from both and insider and outsider perspective I would suggest Rachel and Jun. They are a couple: he is Japanese and she is American.


True, though since he’s making a living of said content i would say it’s worse. Granted he’s likely not the only one to make a video of acting the fool in public in Japan (the Jackass show/movies anyone?), putting this together with the suicide forest thing is something else.

I’m sure i’m preaching to the choir here though.


Just don’t post the video. Probably the best thing we can do is not give him anymore views.


Welcome to BoingBoing!


I’m thinking a grass roots campaign to get him to try something like this in Singapore would be better.


Bah, you beat me to it. Was just coming here and planned to post “Please visit Singapore next!”


Could make a good switch


Some people pay extra for this…


Please add “consummate douchebag” to his resume.



The Paul brothers along with many other YouTube “stars” are arrogant, self-entitled little know-it-all’s who need to be schooled on why their sophomoric humor is tasteless at best and racist/homophobic at worst.