The existential horror of Logan Paul


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Fuck this guy. His presence and influence is only helped by videos like this. The people talking about him are just ramoras sucking on this disgusting train.

Let it die.


Is Rob on vacation?


Existential horror is so hot right now.



Logan Paul is an idiot man-child who thinks way too highly of himself and cannot form rational thoughts or be a functional member of society.

The only real question given the above is, Why is he not a member of Trump’s inner cabinet?


Yep. Unfortunately, train wrecks are fun to watch, and young people (omg, so sorry, I know I sound like an old fart, but I count myself as included in the next statement) have terrible tastes and lean towards the novel, not necessarily good.


What can we do about Logan Paul? For starters I’d say stop talking about him.


Should I be glad I have no idea who this is? Should I fix it?





3-1 odds the guy “Grizzly Man”'s himself in the next 6 months.


As another person who had no idea who this human vacuum was it was interesting to get a little insight into how dark it was for someone so shallow. I got my knowledge itch scratched and now I can move on.


…the sort of creature an evil wizard would make out of shit…

Penny Arcade

Poor Tycho has apparently had to think about this more than a person should have to.

(shameless post recycling)


I refuse to spend 18 minutes and 56 seconds of my life thinking about that pestilent blight on humanity. Even if it is thoughtful.




Sometimes it is helpful to focus attention on a problem, but when the problem is “we are focusing too much attention on Whiteboy von Roidtoddler”, it’s definitely not one of those times.

Also, making a 20-minute video about how you should get attention for saying what you think and feel about someone else making videos to get attention is actually you know what fuck it I’m just going to pray for false vacuum collapse


I have no interest in watching anything about Logan Paul, even if it’s to be critical of him. I have no room or time for his trash.


is beating a dead horse immoral?




I hadn’t heard of him until his antics were suddenly front-page news. How the hell did he become a “celebrity” in the first place?


I’m getting tired of having to be the first to say this every time a Logan Paul story ends up on Boingboing, but here goes:

Logan Paul’s videos are made for, and marketed to, kids.

Let’s be clear, I don’t follow any of the youtube vlogger bs. But I work with fifth and sixth graders and they eat this shit up. The theme for costumes at Carnival a couple weeks ago was “jobs.” Multiple kids who didn’t have a costume said they were going as “Youtubers.” The reason most of us haven’t heard of Logan Paul is the same reason that most of us haven’t heard of whatever band is currently popular with preteens. But youtubers like Paul are as big with kids today as boy bands were when I was in elementary school.