Logan Paul finally booted from YouTube ad program after tasering dead rat


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I guess tasing a dead rat is disrespectful to the deceased, but he’s not actually hurting it.


Why would YouTube apologize to viewers? Logan has a lot of fans and they love the dumb stuff he does.

Apologizing to advertisers does make sense though. YouTube has told them that they are working on screening the people they allow into the ad program. They clearly have failed with Logan. Booting him out of that program makes a lot of sense.


Because the absolute last thing they want to happen is Brands apologizing to viewers.


Are you saying that with no one viewing videos YT would still make money?


A cult cargo, not a cargo culte?


For a kid who seems to be making a lot of money with his antics, but is on thin ice, one would think they would hire him a handler. I’d literally dress him up as an angel who would filter out his ideas.


What’s wrong with this guy?!
…is the dead rat a metaphor for Disney as a weird support for his bro Jake?!


Yeah I’m sure that’ll hurt him …



“These videos are so despicable that, from now on, we will pay to host them out of our own pockets”


This is a brilliant turn of phrase :+1:


This idiot is likely burning his earnings on fancy house, goodtimes friends and … jealous here… primo weed.

He’s shown no other aptitude that would help him with normal employment…

Just a matter of time before he’s drinking motor oil on street corners hustling for a buck.


I find YouTube’s stance entirely reasonably. Any viewer can turn off stuff they don’t like right away.
It’s real easy, by the way.

Unlike the advertisers, who, despite monitoring, have only a limited say in where their paids ads go. They paid for sensible placement, too, and they expect YouTube to take care of that, too.


No, I’m not.


I don’t think thats the point. People watch Logan Paul because they like it, not because someone forces them to do it. What kind of apology would be appropriate? “Hey viewers, we are so sorry that um, you are getting what, um, you obviously came here for”


I have to agree, why would YouTube apologize to viewers?

If you’re watching someone, it’s because you chose to. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If someone linked you to something out of the blue, then blame your friend for the bad taste of linking you.

They should maybe apologize to the larger YouTube creator base for monetizing him, but not his viewers.

I think YouTube should definitely have a detailed guide to what is and is not acceptable, and they should enforce it with actual punishments. Instead, they’re just making things up on the fly, it seems.


Does the dead rat have a channel? I’d like to see more of his stuff.


Or President.


One thing that all the posts defending Paul are forgetting is that his target audience is kids. I work in a primary school, primarily with 10-11 year olds, and they are very much into youtube celebs (N.B. I work in Spain, so a different set of celebs). This isn’t a “Think of the children!” rant, but rather a reminder that this guy’s “posing with corpses” and “playing with dead animals” videos aren’t aimed at dumb adults.