Logan Paul says he posted video of him in a silly hat near a corpse to draw attention to the harsh reality of suicide


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/01/logan-paul-says-he-posed-in-a.html


Please stop giving this incepted douche air time, please.

Donald Trump sadly mistaken about delivering the most-watched State of the Union in history


Except, no it wasn’t, obviously, and if you ever really wanted to be a good person you would stop courting attention, because yes, it’s a flaw in the rest of us that we pay attention to toxic narcissists like you, but you’re the one who can choose to fix it.


This post is more damning of Beschizza frankly. “Internet culture is a cesspool! Watch me piss on it!”

You could just not. Have you tried not?


Holy cow guys why are we still going on about this?
A young guy who makes his living impressing pre teens and young testesterone laden young men did something insensitive…wow minds blown.
The more old fks like the people that habituate boing boing bang on about what a turd Paul is the more his fan base will love him .


It certainly draws attention to the consequences of making fun of suicide victims can have on one’s “career”.


It’s how he grows his base… toxic media culture is mainstream (hello fox news & tmz ) so you might as well accept it or even better teach your children why this isn’t acceptable and it will die on it’s own.


Of course people are angry. When they heard Logan Paul was spotted heading into the suicide forest they get their hopes up only to be let down later when they find out he was just there to make a tasteless video.


I’m just done talking or hearing about this guy. I just don’t have the energy or fucks to give.


HEY! I’m one of those old fks! Now get off my lawn!!!Shaking%20Fist


“Yeah that’s it, it was for suicide awareness. Yeah, yeah, in fact I am a memb- uh, president of the suicide prevention hotline. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.”


So what startling new insight does he have to offer about suicide that no one is talking about? Does he really think people aren’t aware that other people are tragically killing themselves?

Of course he doesn’t. He’s just saying that because it sounds better than “I did it for the views”. The very fact he’s on an “apology tour” proves that he hasn’t learned a thing.


Pray that I do not alter it further.




Needs more sphincters.


The repertoire is limited, and it has its risks and counterintuitive outcomes, but all in all I think it’s fine to mock and ridicule celebrities.

“Ignore it and it will go away”, “don’t feed the trolls” and such are inversions of the American folk ethic that attention is currency and paid on sight. Dead wrong.


He’s got enough of an audience that people who aren’t fans ignoring him isn’t going to harm him in any way. He’s still doing quite well with his fanbase.

That being said, there’s only so much attention i’m willing to give this idiot.


He’s a douche, but he’ll never reach Hampton Brandon level. (Not going to link to his videos to give him revenue, but he has a very punchable voice/face.)


That’s pathetic.

Is it hard for you to recognize that you are just using Logan Paul’s celebrity to make a little money for yourself? Your job is drive engagement (ick) and latching on to Logan Paul makes sense in that regard. Don’t try to pretend there’s some higher purpose. This is BoingBoing ferchrisakes.