YouTube is cutting its ties with Logan Paul


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I’ll bet his dad loves those sweet dollars most of all.


So long!

On a related note: Other scandal-plagued TV celebrities are usually able to find other venues, renegotiate contracts, etc. But YouTube has no competitors in this user-content-monetizing area and this guy is going from millionaire to nobody. There is no other outlet to pick him (or is there?)


Breitbart LLC just picked up his contract to replace Steve Jobless. Suck it libtards!

note: sarcasm


Rest in Peace, person who committed suicide in Japan. Your work is done. :sunrise:





Ostensibly I guess he could pivot be a live streamer on Twitch (owned by Amazon now.) But if I’m reading this correctly he still has a youtube channel, it’s just not the special ad network one? So this feels like a slap of the wrist instead of a cutting of ties. But maybe I’m mistaken?


Quote the father:

Face it folks… we all fuck up at one time or another. That’s life!!

Yes, and sometimes when people fuck up it causes others examine whether they really deserved to become millionaire media celebrities in the first place.


Of course, there’s a video where Logan buys and surprises his dad with a brand new pickup. His dad is an enabler and incentivized to push both his kids to continue raking in cash, i don’t blame him for supporting his kids but glossing over the whole situation and calling people criticizing Logan as Haters shows his bias and ignorance.


To be racist in Japan, of all places – oh, the irony!


If he was determined toxic his videos may be “demonetized”, which means no ad money.


That… is awesome!



Well, I’m serious, I can’t speak for @Bytheway. :thinking:


At this rate, you’d think someone at Youtube would be interested in vetting the content of the members of its “prefered ad network” before it goes live.

Then again, the conspiracy theorists might say that this sort of controversy is in Youtube’s best interests. I sure hadn’t heard of Logan Paul before any of this came up.


Not related to the actual article: Did anyone else get an awful autoplaying video ad that couldn’t be paused or muted? It took about 30 seconds before starting, but I couldn’t get rid of it without refreshing.


I’d say there are other options, such as Vimeo… but at the same time that’s a PALE shadow.


Someone took their life in a forest. Someone made fun of the death. Now that someone is (mr. paul) suffering for interfering with their passing.

Karmic. IMO

side note, used the rising sun emoticon because “Japan, Land of the rising Sun.”


Adios a-hole.