Youtuber Logan Paul is really sorry for showing body in Japan's "suicide forest"


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“I’m often reminded of how big a reach I have & with great power comes great responsibility,” He said.

I guess he wasn’t reminded often enough.


We truly do live in a episode of Black Mirror.


Who know something like death couldn’t be approached with such glib irreverence.


A member of the group is heard remarking that he “doesn’t feel good”. Paul replies: “What, you never stand next to a dead guy?” and then laughs.

Yep, definitely a sober-minded attempt to “raise awareness” there, bucko.


Translation: Whoops, didn’t think I’d get caught.


@frauenfelder Logan Paul is NOT a cool tool.


It’s the sorry-not-sorry, the “sorry if you were offended”, the lolpology.


Well, I will say our taboo on death is why we can’t have options to end our lives early if needed (do to disease, etc).

That said, Japan is like the WORST place to do this, due to their social taboos on death.

Also, you think that is weird, try being in a room with two medical cadavers already partly dissected. Had two sessions from an art class where they med program let us in. it was… weird. It was weird. What eve they do to the cadavers, they looked liked cooked dark turkey meat.



Yet. Give it time… give it time…


Did that mofo really just compare himself to Spider-Man?


LOLOL - that music video is absolutely comical with no sound.


Sure appears that way. Memes are borne of quote-ability coupled with lazy thinking. Employed by Ronald Reagan: “Go ahead. Make my day.” I was never so embarrassed for our country.


Pretty obvious that it wasn’t Mr. Paul or his people that handled the closed captioning on the apology video: very worth watching with CC turned on.


I remember this video from a few years ago:


No apology yet from Youtube, which added the video to its trending page, helping it get 6 million views before it was pulled.

Why the hell should YouTube issue an apology for the actions of one of its users? Virtue signaling?

I would imagine that it was placed on its Trending page via algorithm, as the user in question is one of YouTube’s most popular.


I’m pretty sure one of the clearest cases of the problems with algorithms is a good time to apologize. Especially since YouTube started striping ad revenue and channels from its trending page that didn’t do anything because of the actions of people like pewdiepie only to give stars priority on the trending lists for things like this. So in the end YouTube’s program to prevent insensitive material from being on the trending page has taken LGBT channels’ money away, but put an asshole filming a dead body in the spotlight.

They are absolutely culpable for the content since it continues to be a big problem that they are trying to address and failing to do so.


There is very very little in any episode of black mirror that is more implausible than shit like this and those few bits which are implausible will likely be surpassed tomorrow.


The man is a fucking moron.

Prior to this he did a really horrible misogynistic cover of the Flobots show handlebars.

Flobots responded with the best dis-track:

If you don’t know the original song here that is: