Gentleman takes his Lamborghini to CarMax to sell it


Wish I had done the same! Now I’m worried my youtube recommendations will be full of similar garbage.


That is some A-Level rationalization. Whose time are you wasting on the regular?

What I mean to say is, I think you may be the only person in this thread identifying with the Lambo driver, even a little bit.


That’s why I don’t sign in unless I’m watching a channel I already subbed and I always nuke my full history from Firefox, cookies and all. Enabling TOR is a sometimes thing, but I’m fairly sure YouTube doesn’t bother logging addresses. Could be wrong though.

I just don’t want to give these people clicks or my time, so even watching anon is not on my to-do.


I just took @semiotix as saying it was mutually beneficial. I disagree, at least for the agents who get paid by the commission. Pretty much gonna have to agree to disagree, which I’m fine with.


If you add in the viral marketing comission he’s getting, he’s probably up around $95K.


I know fairly little about the guy but from what i gathered from various videos i’ve watch about him recently-ish. He started his career with Disney, i don’t know in what capacity or what show but eventually he grew popular enough that he started making his own content on YT. Never seen a single bit of content he’s made and outside of these reports of him being a nightmare of a neighbor i have no idea who he is and what kind of content he makes. Pretty happy keeping it that way.


citation needed

Or do you mean the YouTube guy? I thought you meant the car salesman had been compensated for his being made a fool of on the internet by some dumb punk.

Good Fun!! /s


It’s a skill that gets easier with practice!


I get where a lot of people’s ire is coming from when it comes to these media creators; it looks like society degrading.

I wonder though if people like this are actually those who are going to survive in the coming decades. I wonder if what they produce is what we actually end up valuing.

We’re at and interesting cross road in our evolution. We’ve gotten so good at automating work that many things that were once considered highly complex “skilled” tasks are now things we can handle with AI. This is very different from the industrial revolution (

People like this are actually preparing for that future: they’re performing work that we can’t yet automate.

Do I think he’s an asshat? Sure. But I don’t know if he’s “wrong.”


it looks like interpersonal degradation, mediated by technology, where one person abuses the implicit balance of power by frauidulently presenting himself as a customer, and he is not one.

It’s nothing more than an human ego run amok, and that IS the future, as well as the past! It’s the human condition, not something emergent.

Go on about the nobility.

Let us know them by their limp.

well ‘wrong’ is a subjective metric suddenly applied to objective observations. It can’t fit. It’s like asking if a Tueday is purple or cheeseburger.

Is it a violation of the social contract, and is that something that individual enjoys having done to him as much as he clearly enjoys imposing his reality on others?


Carmax was Circuit City’s best idea. Divx, not so much.


Sure, and completely valid. To clarify: my “wrong” is your “violation” in this context.

And I would say also that ego is humanity (at least in terms that it is what we care about and from where the concept of care originates).

What I argue though is that there was no “violation.” We consumed it. CarMax got advertising. He got money. We all accepted it. I’m suggesting that we’ll continue to do that going forward. I think our contracts are being renegotiated.


Nah, “lifestyle” brands and other snake oil are nothing new. YouTube just made them lazier. Even Johnny Knoxville created more than these transiently famous twerps.


Well, he is a car youtuber, so buying the lamborghini is content for him. Its business, basically. Perhaps part of why he is selling it after a couple years (and seemingly getting 80% or so of the money he put in back out).


Evolution wouldn’t be new. It’d be an emerging identifiable trend. This is one which has become more pronounced over the last few hundred years; I think we’re approaching a tipping point.



I didn’t. I just read the BB post. I see no reason to help support people like this. I can’t do anything to stop a large ignorant mass of the American population from buying snake oil, nor would I bother trying.

I think it’s optimistic to think anyone can predict the future of this sort of thing, but I’m reasonably confident these louses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


I would bet that the carmax employees were all fine with it. One got to drive a lamborghini, these are car guys, that’s worth a few hours to them. They all get to look good for their bosses. And its just more fun than trying to figure out exactly how much some mazda protege or whatever is worth. Even financially if carmax is doing well they get more commissions. It is in their interest for the company to have good publicity. Very likely this guy has a lot of viewers in his local area.


I think they do, actually. I primarily watch YouTube on 2 devices: my laptop and my WiiU, and what I watch on one does seem to have an effect on my recommended videos. For example if I binge some townsend and sons on my WiiU (I pretty much never watch that on my laptop, easier to bring the gamepad into the kitchen) I’ll start seeing it on my laptop.


Interesting. It’s Google though, so not too surprising.