Gentleman takes his Lamborghini to CarMax to sell it


Where do you work, I’d like to show up there under false pretenses and then convince you afterwards that your leg is wet because rain has fallen from the blue sky, and not because I just pissed all over your pantlegs.

Right? If you’re a pantleg pisser, it will not annoy you to see someone else doing it to a third party.


well. I have a 16f, 14m, and 9m yr old. and it is interesting to see the differences in their viewing choices and media consumption. They all love movies, and specific shows we as a household watch (Gumball, Inkmaster, Top Chef, Face Off, Mash, Star Trek)…but they diverge after those common items. She likes Real House Wives, oldest son enjoys manga on Netflix. Youngest watches a lot of YouTube channels.

It could simply be a change in media viewing choices by generation.


Nor I, but hundreds of thousands do and moreso every day. Do I think it repugnant? Sure. But I can’t just close my eyes. There is a pattern here.
I think we’ll all have to figure out ways to take what we love into this new world.


I understand what you’re saying, and I know you’re not endorsing it. I just don’t think it’s all that new. The readily available uncurated access to platforms has just lowered the bar on base entertainment.


Sure, I get that.

But what I’m saying here is this is in a new, media-oriented context. Individuals, unfortunately, aren’t what matter. Aggregates of individuals are. My unfortunate pissed on leg is big business and a topic for conversation (as we witness here).


Speak for yourself. I matter.

I’m sure you would never take it personally, so how could that guy, and what is this empathy people are looking to you to show, anyhow?


I’m 33 and probably 99% of what i watch is Youtube content. I’ve actually cut out a bunch of channels that i regularly watch, but its likely that a younger person will be more intimately familiar with the various YT personalities than i am.

I have a younger brother in his mid-20’s and he tends to frequent YT more than i do but also gets a lot of content from sites i have little clue about. And Tumblr/Twitter. He tends to show stuff to me whenever i visit. Between the both of us i don’t think we watch any TV though.


Empathy is there. That’s why we care. We’re all alone and looking not to be. That’s why this media trend is so successful we get to participate in what we otherwise wouldn’t.

Some look on with envy of success.
Some look on in curiosity.
Some look on in pity and disgust.
Some watch passively and find comfort in noise.
Some don’t even watch but feel inspired.
Some watch something else.

This callousness has some beauty to it. It’s just very different.


Teenage girls (who think it’s hilarious to watch the dreamy guy they grew up with on the Disney Channel being a bad boy and doing naughty pranks, that scalawag) and teenage dudebros who ‘dab’ for lulz and think this is the height of comedy:


I occasionally have a late-teen houseguest (nephew of housemate), and he balks at the entire concept of sitting down to watch stuff on TV or, horrors, going to a movie. Other people I know in their early-to-mid-20s are the same way. They’ll watch hours and hours of YT content and will happily watch movies or anime on their laptop (either while chatting online or with a second window open to a Let’s Play channel) but look at me like I’m an old fart if I suggest watching a DVD or something on a television set.


I may have, at certain points had a PS4 game on the TV, a PC game running, and perhaps browsing as well on my phone or alt-tabbing from the PC game.

That being said, one of my favorite things ever is going to the movies, my younger brother quite dislikes it though. Not sure why, its interesting how drastic tastes change.


Yup, I’ve seen this too. I guess the biggest generational change isn’t where your media’s coming from, but how much you’re multitasking; the idea of focusing on one single thing for two hours without a break, whether at a movie theater or in front of a TV, makes my nephew freak out, but he’s quite ADD. He’s got to be snapchatting AND listening to music AND watching a show AND watching a Minecraft LP.


I’m usually not multitasking if i’m playing something. I tend to go all in and focus on that, i don’t even like having music on unless its a single player game that doesn’t have important audio cues for me to listen out for. However the times i do multi-task is when i’m playing with friends online and we’re waiting to for the queue which can take a while so i tend to juggle a bunch of things at the same time so i’m not sitting there staring at the game lobby.

I occasionally also do some D&D online and i will have a small title running so that i have something to do when the RP doesn’t involve me.


Incorrect overgeneralization; I did not click on the link, because:


Likewise, i did not want to give that person a view to their video or any watch time. Perfectly happy having the $ amount told to me up front so i can get on with it.


Unless it’s cute, funny or good-weird I generally don’t bother watching most professional youtuber vids linked here, regardless.


This is a CarMax commercial - a well done bit of social networking.

The Gentleman in question is TheStradMan, who is a fairly well known YouTube Car Guy. He has a LOT of views, and is actually fairly influential in the YouTube Car scene. (I mean, he’s no Doug DeMurio or DirtEveryDay or RoadKill, but he’s firmly in the second-tier beneath them; and is working on breaking into that top tier.)

A lot of the YouTube Car Guys have taken vehicles to CarMax for valuations as part of their schlock; but the rules has always been that they are not allowed to film any of the appraisal or inside the dealership.

But he gets full permission to film the photogenic (but not an obvious plant) sales agent doing the inspection, inside the dealership, and the complete process. Against corporate policy; by special grant of the PR department? By a guy who has described this Lambo as his “forever” car?

Nah. He got paid by CarMax to take it down and to show the appraisal process to his viewership. Good for him.


I don’t mind watching linked videos as long as the circumstances are interesting to me. For this particular one the described video doesn’t seem that interesting, and i was very annoyed at the click bait that the BB post had of “Watch the video to find out!”. Screw that, how about i don’t watch it then.


If it turned out that the CarMax people were making a video of people’s reaction as their car got cubed, I’d watch it.


I think perhaps the source of ire is the lambo itself. Any Lamborghini is a classic display of conspicuous consumption. Though many media makers out there will tell you differently, many people are still aware that conspicuous consumption is unseemly and generally the sign of a low and debase person. It is not to be praised or emulated but rather should be shamed and made example of.