Gentleman takes his Lamborghini to CarMax to sell it


They didn’t want it. Carmax mostly slings fairly new used cars, they’ll give some old POS an offer because hell why not if they can get it for a couple hundred, but they would’ve just shipped it off to auction.


No, but it might have felt good to say that I was.

Let’s put it this way: if you genuinely believe that the salesperson will be hurt in any way by this (financially or otherwise), and you’re not primarily furious with CarMax–you know, the people who pay him and on whose behalf he was acting when he greeted a dude with a Lambo and selfie stick-mounted camera with a smile–then you have some amazingly pro-corporate proclivities.

I mean, the one guy who knows his job best–i.e., the one whose job it is–clearly thought it was a good call to let himself be filmed being a friendly, helpful CarMax employee, even though he probably wasn’t going to earn a commission right then and there. Maybe you’re that much smarter than him, but if you’re right and he’s going to suffer for trying to be a good representative for CarMax, I don’t know why you’re letting CarMax off the hook.

Although if this is correct–

–there’s nothing to forgive because the whole thing is being deliberately orchestrated. And even then you ought to be pissed at least as much at CarMax corporate for tricking you as at the YouTuber whose channel they tricked you on.


Came here to say exactly this. Glad I’m not alone.


I resent you calling my '92 Previa a POS. The windshield wipers might have been unreplaceable and the AC might have been dead forever, but it was still a gem of early 90s minivan technology.

So what if there was a lot of dog hair and expansive dog vomit stains on the rear upholstery? It’s not uncommon for extra large breed dogs to become carsick.


Spoken like a true high heel, as I can’t imagine any body part other than a heel that would appreciate a callous.


Yeah, I can’t keep up with how quickly you’re changing the topic. Sorry Charlie.



It’s highly likely that Carmax is using the opportunity as free advertisement. However per FTC and Youtube rules, sponsored videos have to be labeled as such. I don’t think that this youtuber would risk his reputation and his bank account for taking money under the table for Carmax and then getting slapped with a fine or worse.

I think Carmax figured it was mutually beneficial and allowed things to proceed. They ran the risk of looking bad if the guy did not have a positive experience, but i presume it worked out for both parties. Carmax gets exposure and the guy gets views.


I appreciate if everyone got paid to respond to a turd, in the commercial. But then I can’t imagine what’s motivating half of this comment thread, who is saying it’s just fine even if nobody got paid, as I can’t imagine many people here are in on that gravy train.

If it’s an ad, I don’t like it because it’s normalizing and celebrating a show of entitlement as something people -should- be doing as part of their dominance over a world 7 billion of us have to share.

If it’s face value, it’s normalizing and celebrating a show of entitlement as something people -should- be doing as part of their dominance over a world 7 billion of us have to share.

And it doesn’t even have good production values.


As i said above, i can’t imagine its an ad because failing to disclose such a sponsorship or partnership is illegal as far as i understand. Not just against Youtube’s terms of service. It’ seems like a mutually beneficial situation and i doubt there’s any need for money to transfer hands.

I’m currently trying to parse the FTC guidelines. I’m about to leave work so ran out of time:


It’ seems like a mutually beneficial situation and i doubt there’s any need for money to transfer hands.

I wouldn’t appreciate this (or something analogous) happening to me at work. Would you? Face value, without caveats?

(and I took out the quote that you took out of your post) :slight_smile:


I doubled back and edited my post after some thinking even before i saw your reply. Added their guidelines :slight_smile:


Depends on what my line of work to be honest. If i was running a business and a Youtuber asked if it was ok to mention the business or do something in relation to it i might consider it if its essentially free promotion. But i don’t want to speak for Carmax or anyone else, just my personal thoughts. I hope there’s no shenanigans.


You’d sign the release afterwards?


Incentive… let’s see, “Alexa, what is best in life?”

Anyone else get a WayBackMachine archive of Warren Ellis webpagery? Great! No, don’t look at it…mostly BMEzine footage was what showed there, but with a skosh further poetic description.

Anyone still seeing ‘To see my enemies driven before me, sundered…’ might need to price what a Tata Air conversion to various Lambourghini-design shells costs, more aggressively. Faster Pricecat, Faster!


he keep saying exspearmint which i can only assume is some sort of refreshingly minty experiment.


I had the same instinctive reaction, but…

How is this any worse than a TV star owning a Lamborghini? Or a stockbroker?

Is the problem Youtube, or is the problem elsewhere?


I did not see anybody made a fool of. It was of course a waste of time to watch this carmax + gatorade + whatever was the brand of the jeep stuff ad, but I did not see him abusing CarMax. Quite the opposite. I’d guess CarMax probably paid him handsomely for the ad. The guy (youtuber ) is just in the ad business and is apparently doing well. Good for him.

Otoh, anybody who installs LED headlights themselves is a grade A asshole. Here in holland it is forbidden, even. You need to point them down on the road surface or you’re going to cause accidents by blinding people.


Good question. I will say for most TV stars or stockbrokers there was hard work put into it. I know first hand how hard it is for actors to break through in Hollywood and just get their SAG coins let alone become a bonfires star.

YouTube allows for hard working folks to create well produced content yes. But stuff like what this guy does? And what the above linked dudebro child does? Not so much hard working nor good content.


Genuine question - where do you find that much interesting stuff on YT, what’s good, any recommendations? I’ve no problem with watching YT (instead of e.g. TV), but I guess I don’t know its cool corners too well, and always end up back on Honest Trailers or Bad Lip Reading or Highlight Reels… clue me in!


I’m not meaning to speak for @Grey_Devil, but as the bulk of my experience with YT has been things like movie trailers, meme’d videos, old cartoons, MST3K, etc, I wasn’t sure what my nephew was watching for hours, myself. I didn’t realize what an absolutely massive ‘corner’ of YT was taken up with Let’s Play videos and streams or what a giant following they have.