Gentleman takes his Lamborghini to CarMax to sell it


The answer might be unsatisfactory, but it’s the generic" Depends on what you’re into, and perhaps what your intention is in the type of content you’re trying to find. I’ll go through my channel feed, just know this will be long and you can pick what you find interesting.

I watch different things at different points in the day. During most of the day i like to watch content that is engaging, for newsy type stuff i watch Philip DeFranco’s channel. For science, tech, props and art i watch content from Tested, for history i watch Townsend & Son and Forgotten Weapons, for humor i watch Facts series of “Irish people try X thing”… its pretty much the buzzfeed formula but i find the people fairly amusing. In the mornings i’ll watch Good Mythical Morning. Red Letter Media for humorous and brutal critiques of current movies and shitty B movies. SciShow, Mental Floss & Brain Scoop for education, facts & science. General humor i watch Ashens, Barshens.

At night i like to watch longer videos so i can wind down and it makes it easier for me to fall asleep. So i watch gaming videos, also watch stuff like cooking channels like My Virgin Kitchen, there’s a fun drawing channel called Drawfee, Hydraulic Press Channel, Taofledermaus (they shoot custom or exotic shotgun ammo, it’s more interesting than it sounds). Gosh i’m missing a lot but i don’t want to write a giant block of text lol. But hope that helps some!


some of the most popular stuff is grindingly mechanical. there’s very little love in a watchmojo video.


The other night my housemates and I were browsing YT to try to find some old '80s cartoon, and discovered a two-hour-long video compilation of Saturday morning commercials from the 80s – all 80s toys, breakfast cereal, fast food, soda, etc, wonderfully nostalgic. And the compilation was titled “#183”. This guy had put together something like three hundred hours of Saturday morning commercials from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Just a reminder of the sheer amount of specialized content that’s out there to discover!


Thanks - that’s sort of what I do too, but I couldn’t take it for too long… also, I try not to watch the same thing twice, there are too few days left on my clock for that :slight_smile:

Awesome, much appreciated. Some of those sound interesting, you’ve definitely given me stuff to queue. Can’t beat personal recommendations!

Yes, that’s exactly my dilemma - as mentioned before I like Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers but I see they also regularly post 90-minute movie chat videos and the like… maybe they’re brilliant(?), but I couldn’t justify the time.

Awesome! It’s unsung heroes like that who should be pulling down the big bucks, not fratboi brat “pranksters”!


I am very selective over what channels i actually follow, which is actually not how Youtube wants users to use the site. The channels that i know i will want to consume all or almost all of their videos i will subscribe to and follow. Channels that i really like but i watch/binge occasionally i purposefully do not follow but i try to remind myself to look them up. Youtube however wants people to follow any content maker that they like, but then that makes my feed unmanageable and at that point i might as well be looking at the default YT homepage.

Even channels that i really love i don’t subscribe to because they’re an occasional browse for me, stuff like Townsend & Son, Drawfee, Taofledermaus, some gaming channels, etc.


Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.


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