Excellent keyboard case for iPad Pro - the Logitech Create


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Do you ever draw on your iPad with the Apple Pencil? If so, I’d love to hear what you think about it.


I haven’t but I am thinking of getting one!


The Apple Pencil is amazing (10.5" iPad Pro here). Every bit as good as my older Wacom Intuos. And the iOS app Procreate is nearly as good as Painter was on a PC just a few years ago. I am a crap artist but this combination amazes me.

I’m also going to give a shout out to the Poetic Lumos X case if you don’t need a keyboard case. $19-ish for a combined Smart Cover clone and clear rear cover (with Pencil holder). I like the semi-rigid rear case material. Haven’t had it long enough to say how durable it is but so far I love it.


Nice laptop!


I do, all the time. I take notes on it several times a day as well - it’s brilliant. If you have an iPad Pro, there’s no way you shouldn’t have the pencil too.


I do have both an iPad Pro and a Pencil.

When I got it, I was looking forward to using some learn-how-to-draw apps to get better at sketching and I’ve been very disappointed by what’s out there.

I was hoping to find something that would show a video or slideshow in a small window and I would mimic the drawing on the canvas. When I fire up Procreate (for example), it’s a little overwhelming.

I can carry a book of drawing exercises with me, but I don’t want to carry more than I really need to.


I have a keyboard for my 4th gen ipad and it’s a game changer for usability, for sure.
When I used to work in an office a few years ago, it’s what I carried with me into meetings rather than my laptop.


If only Apple would allow mouse input on to the iPad. It’d allow for much more precision when selecting text and graphics than a finger. But I guess that would eat into laptop sales so it isn’t going to happen.


I have mulled this kind of case many times, but I can’t get past the idea that it amounts to saying “i wish this ipad was a laptop”. If your tablet is always on a table, why is it a tablet, and if it’s not, then the keyboard isn’t helping.

I am very into the idea of tablets - and using the ipad pro with the pencil is a great experience - but it still feels unresolved, so that I’ve never been able to fully get into it.

(PS it’s “Logitech”)


Alas, Logitech never releases a Japanese keyboard version of any of these cases.


I was worried the pencil and iPad would make for a poor drawing / painting experience. I was wrong. I love it. I was also worried Procreate would not be very good. Wrong again. I love it, too.


It’s “Logitech”, NOT “Logictech”. That’s like calling this site “Boring Boring”.


Ha! Likewise won’t the black case and keyboard become prohibitively hot to use in the SoCal sun? Suuure. Right with me there, climbing trees and launching drones to put solar panels at the top so you can charge perched 1/3 the way up, getting some sap and bark in the burlap-y cloth, finding attachment points easily. Only no. Also tree needs 40 cool years to grow so pretty again.


That exists:

And the BoingBoing post that called it out:


For people that work somewhere that uses Citrix for desktop/app delivery, this exists:


these things just don’t make sense to me. The addition of this makes the ipad as thick as a laptop and just as heavy. For the price of this and the ipad you could just get a macbook air or something


The point is it can be both. We are seeing this with recent laptops like the Asus Flip, Lenovo Yoga, etc. which allow folding up the keyboard under the screen to act as both a laptop and tablet.


But it’s not so much “both” as “either”. The appeal of a tablet is that you can use it slumped on the sofa; but then you want to post a comment on a website, so it’s time to sit up, find a table, convert your tablet and presto! typing is much more comfortable.

Some of those Lenovo designs may be slightly better in this sense, since their laptop configuration lets you fold the screen back 180º, which lets you use it in a lot more positions. But the root problem is that the appeal of tablets collapses if they require you to have two free hands at any point.


Oh, it’s only a matter of time before the pads all self-fold into 8-kudama flowers (and have sticky bits on the edges for lols!) Witness the true power of this fully non-Pilates-copyrighted and shock-gel battery padded …well, pad.