Apple Pencil gets rave review

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and did I understand correctly that the battery for the pen isn’t replaceable? I guess I would have to find out how long they expect that to last

too bad the ipad pro doesn’t run osx so professionals can use the full versions of all the tools they use in their workflow. that is the main difference between their offering and offerings like the surface pro and cintiq companion, which are geared towards the professional market.

i wish apple would give us a real osx tablet, or make a convertible macbook that supported apple pencil and touch screen.


I’d heard a rumor that you can recharge the pen in your device.


Did you also see that the Ring Doorbell got a rave review. Or are both articles just ads?


yeah, you pull off the cap and there is a lightning connector to charge it with the iPad. I’ve seen fully charged it can last 12 hours and takes about 15 seconds for every 30 minutes of charge. The question is, how many charge cycles will it take before the battery starts to degrade.

I guess, in the end, all these are designed for obsolescence at some point so even the $1000 tablet will be tossed eventually. It just gives me a pain in my wallet when I consider this kind of purchase


The former head of the IT department where I work used to use a stylus for taking notes on his laptop in meetings. He switched from typing because he said the act of writing helped him remember things better.

I realize this is mainly a graphics tool but the appeal of being able to make my own notes searchable instead of having to comb through my journals looking for that thing I’d written about Vincent Schiavelli a couple of years ago…


Honestly i like the good old plain wacom drawing tablet. The latency is as low as it can get and there’s no issues with parallaxing (i think that’s what it’s called where you are expecting the stylus to draw on the screen and where the device actually draws). Also dropping over a grand to use an Apple stylus is… ridiculous, but if one already owns their tablets then it’s probably worth it. I don’t like Apple products so i’m not the demographic for it anyway.


I’ve seen demos of Astropad app for iPad where you’re mirroring your Mac screen on the iPad. many compare the 3 products


If they were smart they’d build in functionality that would allow users to plug the iPad Pro into a desktop or laptop computer to use it as a Cintiq-style display/tablet.

Given all the advances in tablet devices It’s kind of baffling that no one has managed to topple Wacom’s dominance in that market over the last 15 years, or even make a significant dent in their price tag.


I feel like it’s sort of typical for people to lament the non-existence of features in Apple products that have actually been on the market a while for a lot cheaper. Get a surface. Done in one.


If you’d like to get into this game for less money, the Huion 610Pro tablet and MangaStuido5/ClipStudio5 software will run you about $120. Works pretty well.

I saw a teardown of it on fixit or some other similar site. Saying it isn’t replaceable is almost an understatement they were cutting through various parts of it before they got to the insides. There may well be a less destructive way inside but i envision some stubborn person replacing the battery and yelling “Success!!!” while holding a mangled and mutilated nonfunctional apple pencil.

(20% smaller drawing area, no screen, computer not included)

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Minor details.

Yeah, I have astropad and a pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad. Not the Apple Pencil or the iPad pro though. Astropad isn’t even remotly close to my cintiq functionality wise, and is limited to photoshop support despite appearing to be a general solution at first glance. I do recommend the app if you don’t have a professional graphics tablet.

I agree, Apple’s iPad Pro isn’t really at the price point that would make a dent in their pricing alas.

Maybe. But I’m leaning in a different direction now.

It’s not that I’m tired of using a Cintiq. It’s just that I may want something at little more portable. (The Surface is disqualified for being a Windows device.)

Most modern li-po batteries have at least 1000 charge cycles before they hit 50% of original charged capacity and Apple batteries tends to be a fair bit better than that. For instance, the Apple Watch battery is claimed to retain 80% battery life at 1000 cycles.

fair enough, but at least a windows device is running a real OS, and can run the full Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, zBrush, Blender, ArtRage, Pixelmator, Sketch, Sketchbook, Mischief, etc. People do hackintosh the surface. The Cintiq Companion 2 is a cintiq you can hook to your mac as a cintiq AND use as a full standalone tablet laptop computer, which is a cool conversion trick.

For me the iPad Pro is out because it costs as much as a full computer, yet runs a mobile only OS with no real access to the file system, you cannot plug in sd cards or usb devices to work with large files, everything has to be moved via iTunes App specific Sync, you cannot move files between design apps on the go, the design apps are very limited mobile versions, etc.

I don’t have the pro, but rather the one before it with a pressure sensitive stylus from addonit, and have astropad loaded on it as well as all the other top iOS design and art apps. All the design and art apps on iOS are canvas and resolution limited hobbled partial featured versions of their full counterparts. Sure, it is a fun toy, but the iOS situation is miserable as far as professional art and design go. I consider it more of a sketch book at best, it isn’t even close to a mobile work tool. For not much more I can have the full real deal, I’m not sure I’d ever choose to pay out the nose to be so limited.

I’ve been hoping for years that Apple will release an OSX tablet, but it looks like we won’t see that for a while if ever. :frowning:

I’m surprised no-one’s mentioned this yet