Exclusive excerpt: first three chapters of "The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza"


How do we know that’s three chapters?

Doesn’t matter how funny it is, he mixes upper case letters (N and R) with lower case letters.

And here’s part 2 of The Smiling Robot

“Well, – thought the Smiling Robot, – At least my face is still smiling. Maybe if I go out in the street, people will still see it and get happier.” So he opened his door, and as every door in the future, it whooshed and parted and let him out.

There was nobody in the street. The Smiling Robot suddenly remembered why he was sad.

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How do we know that’s part 2?

I like where you’re going with this, but I’d “and as with every door in the future, it whooshed apart to let him out.”

I could also get fussy with where you put “still” in the previous sentence and use of the superlative for “happy”, but I think that’s my own sensibilities and not grammar, per se.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Thanks for the stylistic comments!

I read a few pages on Amazon. I think you have to be six to appreciate the feet jokes.

What the hell, you people, you’re as Grumpy as Guardian commenters!

There’s a game coming out too…


Not really. Think of it this way, “Look at my feet, just look at them”. Now picture a banana.

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So, by “exclusive,” you mean “less content than can be viewed by clicking the LOOK INSIDE! link on Amazon”?

Like I said, you have to be six.

And no, I think Amazon only has a few pages.

You should have made the distinction that you weren’t speaking chronologically. :slight_smile:

That just means he isn’t a grammar nazi like you, dude.

Let the dude tell his story.

I thought I was the King of the Pedants, but even I can’t manage to get worked up over “this guy has a very slightly eccentric handwriting style.”

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It’s not eccentric, it’s just poor. Normally I wouldn’t care, I’m no contender for your crown, but I guarantee that if it’s a funny book the little ones will be using capital letters in the middle of words for months to come. Why make learning a language harder than it is already?

Strangefriendbb - You mean punctuation Nazi, dude.

I reviewed some of Kochalka’s work in the early 1990’s when I was co-editor of Zum! - which reviewed and helped create distribution networks for small press and self published comics back then. His style hasn’t really changed that much, which I find interesting.

Come to think of it, if I end it where it is now, it would be a nice ultra-short story.

You guarantee it! Of course you do. Why are you an expert on this? It’s just a graphic novel. A lot of graphic novels and comic books have quirky writing. Let’s think of the children!

It’s not eccentric, it’s just poor.

You forgot the semicolon: Comma splices make me very sad!

Although, even with a semicolon, it’s still a very poor sentence.

“it’s just poor.”

It’s just poor … what, exactly?

Tsk, tsk!