Exclusive excerpt from new Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas graphic novel

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I wish the project luck but feel for Little. When it comes to visual representations of HST’s work it’s pretty darn difficult to get out from under Ralph Steadman’s shadow.


The interior pages look great, but I hope that cover image is just a placeholder for now since that is literally the most boring type treatment possible, which for a story that’s got such a legacy of title design, it’s incredibly disapointing.

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A Hell’s Angels graphic novel would be great, I believe. And I think Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp should adapt Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 for the cinema, if only to encourage more people to read that book. Though I doubt many people read The Rum Diary when its film adaptation was released.


I’m currently writing a re-imagining of the original Fear & Loathing text for today’s younger generation: It’s about two trust-fund bros who go to Vegas to get hammered and abuse the waitstaff.

I kid.

I truly despised the movie. You see, what makes the book entertaining is Hunter Thompson’s internal dialogue. You know what makes just about any movie worse? Internal dialogue – it comes off as condescending exposition. The book’s strength is the movie’s Kryptonite. So, minus the context for the story to even exist, the movie is about two trust-fund bros who go to Vegas to get hammered and abuse the waitstaff.

I can get behind a graphic novel: Hunter’s voice is preserved.

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The natural input into Deep Dream


Wow, this is terrific, should be a video game next.

I think Stephen Gammell could have blown this out of the water.

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