Fear and Loathing – The gonzo classic gets a brilliant graphic novel treatment

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Terry Gilliam, surely?


"It’s not easy growing up a shy, sensitive, bullied, Dungeons & Dragons-playing child, the kind of friendless boy who hates sports, becomes a vegetarian and in college eats alone in the cafeteria, pretending to read a newspaper while dying inside.

All this is even less easy when your father is Hunter S. Thompson…"


Great flick. I also enjoyed Alex Gibney’s 2008 documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

All in all he’s a guy who made the world a much more interesting place, but not someone I’d probably want to have as a friend.


Can’t disagree. I love his books (esp Campaign Trail '72), find him fascinating. I can’t imagine having to be around him long term though.

Where the Buffalo Roam is an interesting film, too. Though pretty flawed. The Rum Diary’s worth a look as well.


You know this has been covered on Boing Boing at least three or four times already, right? Because it’s written as if it’s a new thing …

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Yes, and there’s a lot to admire in Strange Rumblings in Aztlan about the suspected 1970 murder of KMEX-TV journalist Ruben Salazar … also the political coverage of the lonely legal and movement work of Oscar Acosta, later caricatured in FALILV.

I do like the idea, but the art mostly looks like a poor imitation of Ralph Steadman’s classic. Why not get Ralph to make it, instead of trying to copy him?

It’s just the Wink blurb unedited and uncommented. Add the uncaught mistake of who directed the movie, and it adds up to no one actually editing.

Good book. Getting it from.my local comics shop.

Cover text by Flying Dog brewery.

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I’m trying to imagine Fear and Loathing with a Danny Elfman score, maybe see if Batman Returns or Scissorhands would fit.

Well, I missed it the first (or second or third?) time around, so I appreciate the reminder.

Why don’t you check out Fark? I hear there’s something new there today.

Huh. While the title-treatment necessarily imitates Steadman (how could you avoid that?), the art doesn’t seem, to me, very Steadmanesque in the sample pages.


Thank you for your sarcastic reply. My intent was not to worship at the altar of novelty (hence: Fark), but to point out that Boing Boing, which is intended to be something of a community, had actually been promoting this graphic novel rather heavily, relatively speaking, with this book probably receiving more coverage than any other over the last several months. This meant that when you posted about the book in a manner that suggested no-one here had heard of it before you really did no-one any favors - not the community, not yourself, and maybe not even the graphic novel.

Although you said it had been promoted heavily multiple times – I find one post from Cory today [the source of your wrath], and one from Mark two months ago.

Since you can be bothered to complain about the dishes your multiple-non-coordinating-hosts are providing gratis, in their living room, can you be bothered to post links to the multiple fawning posts that have so incensed the entire community?

I had not heard of it before, I missed the post in November. Apparently you saw it in November, and seeing it again inflamed your passions to a white-hot fury of righteous indignation. What favors are you doing us here? Perhaps “Atomic Fireball” f[l]avor?

BoingBoing is not intended to be a community. Are you perhaps instead thinking of EPCOT, Arcosanti, the Manson Ranch, or Rajneeshpuram?

You are welcome to my sarcastic reply. I have more of them, should you care to indulge.

community guidelines?

Wait, are those the guidelines for the blog-you-are-complaining-about, or for the forum?

The blog isn’t a community: it’s group blog, and Cory can post 10 items a day about how awesome Ted Cruz is, if he chooses (they are both from Canada, after all).


  • Constructive criticism is welcome. Hostile, whining hand-wringers will be censored by elitist hypocrites.

Definitely not complaining.

I love the efforts made at boingboing toward community and feel pragmatic about the compromises we make to pay the rent, etc. How else am I going to feel? . . .

Maybe sad if we’re not really serious about pushing the limits toward community. That’s a big part of what attracts me here.

And if I’ve misunderstood and “community guidelines” is misnamed I’d feel pretty sad about it.

This, here may indeed be a community – but WarrenTerra is complaining about the Blog. The Blog is not a community – it’s the virtual living-room of a group, and they have graciously invited us in as guests. If we don’t like their taste in music, their politics, or the number of times a particular book comes up in conversation – we are pretty free to leave.

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