Exclusive: Orange is the New Black characters drawn as ghosts by Doogie Horner




I like the style of the drawings, but never watched the show, so I can’t appreciate the deeper meaning behind them.


I have watched the show, and I’d say there is no deeper meaning to it other than people (the illustrator, though not myself so much) like the characters. I don’t recall anything in the show about ghosts per se.


Checked out this trailer; I was thinking it looked pretty interesting until the final line…

‘I committed a crime; being in here is no-one’s fault but my own’ isn’t really an angle I can appreciate given her story… that take on it seems designed to appeal to conservatives and justify the whole horrific shitfight of a corrupt mess.


Great. Now all of the characters are actually White. Why is it when people of colour die they hafta be White like all the other ghosts? Ugh.

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