Exhilarating POV ride on the world's steepest rollercoaster (5k video)

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I’ve ridden Takabisha a few times, and it’s fun! Fuji-Q Highland is a great park.

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I love the fact that it’s covered, so folks can ride rain or shine!


Looks pretty fun. That park also looks incredibly deserted. I don’t know if it’ll get around to going out of business before the failing megamall it’s located in gets foreclosed, but either way you probably better hurry up if you want to try the ride.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Argue…

Screw it. 90 degrees is the “steepest” you can go. Beyond that is just going “upside down”. By their logic, a corkscrew ride is 360 degrees and is steeper than this!

Ok, I got that out of my system. I feel better.

(And this ride does look fun, it just is a stupid metric.)


This is part of the American Dream Mall complex, formerly of Xanadu fame. I was just there over the weekend. There is also a ski slope and a hockey rink where a local team regularly plays.

Before gagging on the concept, go check it out. Great food and culture is available and if anything, you can at least enjoy a slice of what we will be paying for with much taxpayer blood and treasure for years to come. I was truly amazed at how the world really was there to have fun. Viva America!

Oh yeah, this is also right next door to where the World Cup Finals will be in 2026, so get used to it.

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“Hey guys, we’re building this great coaster in the enclosed building!”

“Crap, this one part is taller than the roof! I guess we build an extension to the building.”

Looks like a fun coaster and I like the slow roll at the beginning but how about a little more theming than just the track colors!

I guess is a matter of taste. I find the idea sad and ugly.
Last week I was in a stand up roller coaster (they claim 100 feet height, 32 mt) and the best part was the view above the trees.

I’m too nerd, the first thing I thought is that they would have needed a camera with a better IR filter
(the red light you see an the track are actually near IR sensors which check the position and probably the speed of the trolley fo safety, but with naked eye they would be barely visible, while digital sensors pick up also the near IR as red/reddish light).

Sometimes good rides from defunct theme parks get relocated. A few rides from Joyland in Wichita, KS were saved from a terrible fate when other companies bought them during bankruptcy. The carousel was a joy, and I’m glad to know it was saved and relocated to the local floral gardens.

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True, there was a carousel from Sunnyside Amusement Park in Toronto that got relocated to a slightly more famous location in California when the park shut down in 1955.

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TMNT? Really, the branding on that whole area is crap. Who wants to hang out in a giant hanger?

Put up some curtains of graphics about the place. Cover the ceiling in pizza graphics and turtle enemies. Gawd that’s terrible.

I’m pretty sure it’s an Hulk ride anyway -or should be.
hulk GIF by 100% Soft

Islands of Adventure puts the “booster” section of the Hulk coaster at the very beginning of the ride.

That would be in the Philippines:


In other roller coaster news.

Not sure that I would call it terrifying, but reporters work with what they have.

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I think one dead qualifies.

The story is indeed terrifying, but the video is just a video for the sake of being video footage.

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