Nightmare video: cable snaps on slingshot amusement park ride

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It broke at the most natural point that it could - when it was under the most stress, and that’s a good thing. if it had broken at some other point such as on the way up or at the apex, things would have been much worse for the occupants.


Preemptively, to no one in particular: vertical video was super appropriate, stop complaining.

(I see those ‘experience the fear of death’ type amusements like I see ‘non-lethal’ weapons. Sometimes they work a little too well.)


Having been on the roof of the Stratosphere in Vegas and seen the chopped-off stubs of old roller coaster structure, I vowed never to ride a thing that depends on gravity being thwarted.


I came to say that. Bungee jumping (reverse or otherwise) is perhaps the only suitable activity for vertical video orientation, though.


I rode that roller coaster. It was a little kids roller coaster stuck onto the outside of a nearly-1000 ft building. It was lame.


I heard that, think that’s why they got rid.

I went on the the thing that fires you up the spire. The other two rides didn’t appeal too much.

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The big shot ride benefits from the height of the main tower, so I feel like the high roller did as well. My normal fear of heights is around a 5, but I was shaking after both of those rides until I was all the way back down on the ground. I liked the experience, but its not really fair to rate it against other coasters. Maybe the designers should have tried a less conventional design, maybe spinning cars or something.

Topic got me wondering and I landed at this interesting gathering of stories:

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Boing boing.


unrelated but whenever i see one of these rides now i can’t not think of this video of DMX on one

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Man, that ride rocks for the first five seconds!



Isn’t Cap d’Agde the naturist town? I’m surprised there was footage of any orientation - I thought cameras were frowned upon in naturist circles…

Oh snap!

I’ll show myself out…


I know, right? Then it rocks more violently, to the side, bangs into a pole and just stays there. I want my money back.


ftfy :wink: :+1:

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Yes – one of my three reasons for going to Vegas was this ride.

Well - 1000 feet is like 10 or 12 inches for humans. Pretty, Pretty, Big.

It’s too late for me to ride the roller-coaster on that Las Vegas thing (I think it’s closed), but even if the roller-coaster was a bit floppy ( c’mon - roller-coaster at 1000 feet - the bigger they are…). Any amusement park ride would be worth it at 1000 feet - even the Whirling-Tea-Cup-Ride. Tourist friendly reeeallly tall buildings are a lot of fun - especially if you’re smashed on your company’s dime.

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