Jeez, call it Existentialism, hope we won’t be calling it “Damage Control” in a few years.

  • I doubt we’re facing complete extinction, dinosaur-like. But we are setting ourselves up for a massive lowering of population numbers and quality of life, due to mass die-offs, stupid wars and sheer environmental exhaustion.
  • It can be abrupt or take a few generations, but if we don’t watch it and intervene quickly we’re fried. And it won’t be a Second Middle Age, as the environment/resource base will be much reduced: the world was fairly mint new in the year 700, nowadays not so much. Plenty of rubbish to go round tho.
  • Paradoxically, the conservatives/climate idiots/carbon supremacists are causing the loss of the very way of life they profess to love. As sophisticated production methods and know-how are the first to go and be forgotten, no more SUVs boys, no more double-piercing-unobtainium-tipped bullets available anymore! Berks.

There’s a lot of different scenarios possible, let’s hope we don’t land in one of the really bad ones. I mean, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is sort-of-OK, Mad Max is NOT.


The phrase “descent of Man” keeps coming to mind.
Many of the problems we face could be solved in short order if the human species could just get its act together, but it’s a race between progressive thinking which could move us forward and regressive thinking which not only holds us back, but tries to drag us deeper and deeper into a hole.
I keep my fingers crossed, but I don’t hold out much hope for the species in the long run.