Expect Northern Lights and power grid fluctuations this week


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As far south as Michigan, yes?


I can expect lots of overcast skies this week, something that happens all too often when unusual astronomical phenomena happen.

I actually managed to see the Northern Lights in the Chicago area a couple of times, once (appropriately enough) just outside the city of Aurora.


Yknow, if I was aliens, I would time my invasion to coincide with this distraction.

I’m not aliens. I’m just sayin.


So if I asks at the Martian Embassy (#9), they’ll have never heard of youse, check?


That description sounds vaguely pornographic. Or is it just me?





COOL! I can finally use the “sunspots” excuse on the ol’ calendar! Whoo hoo!


The lights really were flickering today at Costco. I love coincidences!


UK-based Boingers may be interested in AuroraWatch UK, “a free service offering alerts of when the aurora might be visible from the UK”.


An article I read sometime ago mentioned that some people believe sunspots cause global warming.We could actually have a chance of spotting the sunspots with the right equipments.
Here’s the link to the article if you wanna know more -


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