Expiration Day: YA coming of age novel about robots and the end of the human race


All of these latest YA novel features have reaffirmed one thing to me: American book covers are the worst.

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I have to ask, why the fixation on YA novels, as opposed to just novels… for adults. I’m sincerely curious.

"“leased to their “parents,” and are recalled around their 18th birthday, turned into scrap.”

Aw, where’s the grimdark robotic black market or the DIY crowd when you need it? Also, why scrap the models after 18 years? Are newer ones even better or something?

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The shift in emphasis from novels to young adult novels is purely financial - young adult novels are currently being optioned for films more often than novels for adults.

Books often get marketed as “young adult” when they deal with a teenage protagonist and have a coming-of-age themed story. Tom Sawyer and Jane Eyre would probably get marketed that way today.

I tend to ignore the whole dividing line because a) I’m picky about what I read in general, and b) I was reading Lord of the Rings at 8 so I’m not really sure where the lines are drawn anyway.

Clearly it’s a tentpole for VMware admins. There’ll be 4k episodic animations for the compatible tablets written in some unholy Clojure::MapReduce datatype, each 4 minutes long, merch at ThinkGeek, the sending of your spare-organ growth vat to go listen to live bands and develop disease resistance, the brief “oh they’re all built on 26y.o. U.R. mule skeletons” when the Vajrayana Right raise age objections or “oh, they’re only six in Xen years” for a GSA distribution refactoring. Big spring slush huzzah for William!
Yeah, catch artier than Ninja Gaiden Z next cover selection, via foreshortening or otherwise please. It’s 2014; artists can see 'round corners and ResEdit pdf files.

The laserfoil proofs weren’t back yet, so they just had some matte art and an animated infographic full of logo art and startup confab names to pick from…curse you Matte Trope Baron!

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There is someone who probably spent a year or more writing this book and the publisher can´t be arsed to pay a halfway decent designer to create a cover that doesn´t look like a vacant collection of every ugly photoshop cliché from 1995. It´s shameful.

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