My adult novels are being reissued with covers to match Walkaway!


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I hope they all get made into fabulous adult movies!



It makes me so happy to see I’m not the only one with a dirty mind around here. But I have to say, the ones that worry me are the young adult novels. Wink, wink.


Came to see what kind of erotica Cory’s written; leaving mildly disappointed.


The new covers look great. :ok_hand:
Walkaway is brilliant, BTW. Best one yet.


Brilliant covers!


Aww, thanks!


Thank you!


I used to work at a bookstore which sold a (very) few adult books. (I recall The Story of O and Autobiography of a Flea amongst our titles.) The owner sold these books, but was very paranoid about moral majority types finding out that we sold them. She thought we might get picketed. (Frankly, I think we could have used the publicity.) On the rare occasions when I was asked if we carried any adult books, my stock response was “Well, some of our books do require a certain degree of literacy.”


You sound like my kind of sales clerk.




Well, I’m thinking of a certain hot-pool bathing scene in Walkaway. (Write what you know?)


ooh no pixels


Am I the only one that thinks these deserve to be released as a box set snuggled inside a similarly themed cardboard holder?


shut up and take my whuffie!!


These remind me a lot of paperback pelican books from the 70s


I especially love the cover for Makers – that’s a brilliant image.


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