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Cory, are you able to answer why your latest novel isn’t being released under CC? Will any of your future work be released under CC or are those days long gone?

I did a pretty deep dive on this yesterday on one of the interviews I did; pretty sure it’s this one:

but it could be this one:

(Sorry, running on fumes and also very late for the Vroman’s tour stop in Pasadena)

Thanks, Cory. Just curious is all.

For anyone interested, he covers this in the TWiT interview at about 24 minutes in.

TLDL: Foreign publisher demands. But haven’t there always been foreign publishers? Why they demanding this now? I still don’t get it. Doesn’t sound like there’ll be any further CC novels either. It’s a shame, you were really the bastion of CC. It just comes across as a failed experiment but good luck with your new store.

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Well, damn. I guess I’ll​ have to decide to buy it before I read it . I’ve bought 3 or 4 of his books but read all that he’s put out.

I agree, it does come across as a failed experiment at best.

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