My novel "Utopia" will hit shelves in 2017


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Congratulations Cory! A book with world changing potential. Thanks for seeing what others do not. The power of Hope.


Yay! Looking forward to it! (But we have to wait until 2017? Grrrr.)


In a world where cynicism and hollowness basically seem t orun everywhere… we could all do wit ha little hope. I look forward to this.


Congrats! Does a “very pleasing sum” mean you’re taking us all out for drinks?


I can’t wait to read it! I hope one of those 20 cities is Portland(However if it is I am unable to promise you that you won’t get peed on during your flight)!

An airline passenger faces charges after authorities say he urinated on other travelers on a flight from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon.


Sincere congratulations, Cory – I can’t wait to read it.

May I suggest booking Todd Rundgren and friends to play for your release party?


Congrats, but I seem to have missed your previous novels “Anarchy” and “State”.


How finished is a sold book scheduled for release in two years? I know nothing of publishing, I am curious.


Short answer: it’s a big release, and there’s a lot of moving parts (some of which will be announced later).


Congratulations Cory!




I was curious about the same thing - the long time between book deal and actual release. There was a recent article about Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One being made into a movie, and in the article it was mentioned that the movie deal was made at the time of the book deal, a full year before book release. Which seems to me to be the very worst time to do a movie deal since the story hasn’t had time to build the value of a fan base. It looks like he’s making up for it with his later works, so was that early movie deal the result of a first-time author disadvantage?


This stood out to me. Why would Tor buy a book? Do they have a history of buying rights to books? It’s fitting, but also seems out of the ordinary.

(oh and congrats, that’s AWESOME)


Tor Books, not Tor, which specializes in SciFi and fantasy. They’ve published a lot of Cory’s works.


Ah hah! Makes sense now.


…you don’t say…


Congratulations, and thanks! Now, with some luck, to cope with two years of anticipation.


Tor is planning to publish the title in early 2017.

If “early” 2017 holds true…and since we’re coming into late 2015 now…not a full two years, it seems :smile:


Everything is coming up Cory