Richard Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw have a new dark fantasy series coming soon

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I love Richard Kadrey so will buy this in a flash. Just wish he hadn’t randomly blocked me on Twitter though, guess I got caught up in some mass-blocking thing :frowning:

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Nice. Just recently discovered the Sandman Slim series and have been enjoying it…

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I got to say this is the little too much lead time for me. Summer of 22? It’s not like it’s a blockbuster movie where they’re going to have to spend time first writing then designing, casting, costuming, shooting, editing, scoring and creating special effects. I’m not sure I see the point of announcing the book this far in advance.

Whaaaa? Richard Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw? I’m so there for this. But oh, 2022, waiting is such torture…

That’s not much more than a year and a half. Sure, it’s not a movie, but publishing is still slow. There’s a process that takes time, even if a lot of that time is spent waiting. A year and a half is “we have a manuscript, now we need to fit it into the next available slot in the publishing queue (which is going to be at least a year out).” And for a particular type of book, the publisher might want to release it at a particular time of year, just like with movies, when they think it’ll sell best.

I’m guessing they announced it now because they accepted the manuscript (i.e. finalized the deal). With really big authors, the announcement often gets made when a deal is made for the author to write a novel for that publisher (but even before the manuscript is written), which could be more than two years from publication. I mean, Tor announced a deal with John Scalzi that was for unwritten books that wouldn’t all be published for a decade


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