Revealed: the amazing cover for Walkaway, my first adult novel since 2009


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What? Wasn’t Walka Way Fozzie Bear’s autobiography?


I’d have been tempted to call it: Nope!: A Novel

“Live in your edging-towards-totalitarian government?”

But maybe we’d need to be in the age of animated GIF printed book covers for that.

Still, seems like an interesting concept and I’ve enjoyed most of the other books of yours I’ve read, so I’m in.


Wow! That looks fantastic!

I can’t wait to read this.


Wouldn’t the coasts be more wrecked by climate change than the countryside (presumably inland)?


Depends — look at Fort McMurray.


Alternate cover for the children’s lit version?


So, is this the dawn of the Bitchun Society from Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom?


Have to say, that is a stylish, evocative cover design you got there. And I love the fact that it’s got a cutout. Very nice.


That was the original impetus, yup!


Thank you – I’m so pleased with it!


I dunno. The concept sounds a bit too techno-libertarian/Objectivist for my taste. And I’ve read as much Terry Goodkind as I’ll ever want to read.

I might give it a look because I’ve liked Cory’s stuff in the past, but the concept just strikes a dissonant note in my stomach.


Looking forward to the book, and nice cover!

Reminds me of the similar idea the Alice isn’t Dead podcast uses:


Cory’s first “adult” novel … since 2009. Wink wink, nudge nudge. “adult”


That’s what I was thinking… Shouldn’t the cover be more nipplely?


Cory! You Rock!


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