Kirkus just gave me an AWESOME Christmas present: this starred review for WALKAWAY


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I have the book on preorder and now I'm even more excited to read it. Congrats on the review!


Awesome! I love your books.


That's really awesome, congrats!


I'm in - it'll be a nice surprise come the spring after I've forgotten that I ordered it.


"It's a world where the inhabitants know only one word: "Awesome!!!" and otherwise communicate via GIFs and emojis."


... and congrats to Cory, of course.


Alright already, I was going to read it anyway.


A cory post that has a positive reaction? What a time to be alive.

Looking forward to this, i love the YA stuff but it'd be nice to get something a little more mature again.


Thank you!


Thank you!




Congratulations on your great news @doctorow . It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! :smile:


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