Imperial Star Destroyer: the Christmas tree edition


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Greetings, fellow mutant.

I’m teaching your book right now.

Wish me luck, please.

Thank you.


Which reminds me, it’s time to wrap the lego star destroyer in Christmas lights again.


P.S. I gave a spirited rendition of the intro of the online book, physically annotating via gesticulation on the SmartBoard as I went, probably embarrassing myself and you, as the author, but I did it anyway. Thank you. It was fun. :wink:


I guess @Spacekatgal reads these comments even if she doesn’t post here…


I honestly have no idea what is happening right now.

Feel free to screenshot that admission, it is usually true.


That twitter makes me confused. Was @Indubitably not referring to Cory who writes books and is a mutant?


Don’t ask me, man. I don’t even work here.


Um, I’m Indubitably, and, yes, yes, I was. Weird double post, I guess.


No, just someone who picked up your post and thought you were referring to someone else instead of Cory. No worries.


Mistaken identity? Should I post fish puns about it? (An overwhelming chorus of, “No! You should not!”)


Somehow I doubt we’ll see an apology on any twitter feeds about making assumptions…


…and one lonely voice from the peanut gallery, rising above all… “Do it! Do it!! Doooo eeeeeet!!!”


Damn you, Rob Halford!!!

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