PEW PEW! Best Star Wars shirt evar


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Ha. Nice.


I’ve got this one but I only where it when I’m out with my son…


I got this one from Santa.


It’s so weird how a kid can cock her thumb and point her finger, and say, “bang!” and make adult lose their minds in concern. But if she says, “pew pew” it’s suddenly OK. I have to imagine this shit would make it through the TSA checkpoint more easily than one that said Bang!


Mr. Bells and I heading out to see TFA:


@doctorow Heya! Is there any hope that y’all will find advertisers who do not post auto-playing video ads?

Also: Pew! Pew!



^Just found out there was a six character limit for having an unsubstantive post… At least I got something out of this.


What about to scale it up a bit?

A picture of exploding Death Star, and caption KABOOM!
…or, maybe, “In space, nobody hears you exploding”.


needs more lightsaber sounds!
(vwwwrrrrrrrrrrrr, vwwwwrrrrrrrr!"


Alternate caption, for those who like mixing memes… a callout pointing to one small piece of debris ejecting from the explosion, with a label of “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator”.

(I’m actually rather surprised that a quick search didn’t find any technical diagrams of the Death Star with that part labeled)


This is how the Boing Boing post showed up on my Twitter feed. I think it’s a sign.


I got this one:


That must be the Rebel Shooting Version of the shirt. Here’s the Imperial Shooting Version…

Funniest line in A New Hope, “These blast points, too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.”


I’m amused by how many conversations go like this these days:

A: “Neat! Where’d you get it?”
B: “The Internet.” [shrugs]


I know, I’m still looking for a Pinbot shirt…

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