Halloween - 2016 - Post your costume ideas and progress - Now with PUMPKINS!

Everyone stop being lazy and start working on your costumes now. It doesn’t have to be crazy and elaborate. Start now and then you won’t have to pay to overnight something at the last minute. Then you can relax and pig out on candy while others scramble to complete theirs.

I am finally putting this thing together:

I can’t afford the “real” boots right now, but think some cheap white canvas hightops will work well enough for trunk or treat and Halloween.

I’d like to get some real T Track for my blaster, but for now, it is “close enough”.

The kiddo wants to be Garnet from Steven Universe. I think I can pull it off.


I keep saying I’m going to make my Star Fleet uniform (First Contact / late DS9 era) but I have to get the fabric, dye it the right colors, and learn to use a sewing machine all by October 31st. Realistically, not happening this year (not for Halloween anyway).

Trying to think of other ideas. Preferably ones that involve sewing machines (on a smaller scale), less dye, and no new craft skills (aka no foam work).


Don’t they already have well made uniforms for sale?


The closest thing to a well made uniform costs close to $800. And it’s still a bit disappointing. :frowning:


Choke - never mind. I guess I am thinking of TNG and Classic Trek uniforms.


I can’t wait to see how you do her hair.


For classic Trek, this artist on Etsy does phenomenal work for (last I checked) under $200. :slight_smile:


My plan is painted foam. Wig would work, but foam is more cartoony. I just need to find large foam blocks.


For this I’d probably use big hunks of open cell foam, like these. That might be too dense though.

I’ve had pretty good success hot-gluing layers of open cell insulation foam together and cutting it to shape.

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I have a cheapish lockable briefcase I use to lock up some guns, and I cut some foam from a craft store to keep everything tidy. RUBBER CEMENT seems to fuse that sort of foam together well and it won’t come undone once set. IIRC Pelican and similar cases recommended that for their pluck and pull foam if you wanted to put some foam back in you plucked.

Surely though, something like cushion foam would be cheaper than acoustic foam?


It would be, but it’d be quite heavy. That stuff’s dense.

Friends of mine have had great success carving spray foam. You can make a makeshift mold, spray the foam into it, and then carve to shape it, like this. Has a more afro-like texture, too.


I’m probably pulling out this one again. My Tippi doesn’t get enough love.

(Wolfman courtesy of Mr. Bells)


It will build up neck muscles!

Spray foam isn’t a bad idea. Build a box. Spray foam. Push in a bowl for a head dent. Pull out, shape, sand, paint.


That is utterly fabulous! My only regret is that too few casual passersby will remember The Birds. My mom would have applauded!

Maybe it’d help if you bloodied up your eyesockets…?


Yeah, I asked my daughter to give me some peck-marks. She’s really good at SFX makeup but she was on her way somewhere that night so I only got a couple tiny ones. And you’re right, I wore it to a costume party at a museum with a horror movie exhibit and people didn’t know who I was. Although there was a group of women dressed as the Donner Party who really wanted me to win the costume contest.


If you want to take it to the next level, make your costume Black and White, like the film.


Ahh, but The Birds was in living, bleeding Technicolor:


It was? Must be remembering a different film. Or remembering stills from the film in black and white.


I first saw The Birds on the black and white Hitachi in my parents’ bedroom when I was home sick from school one day, but I remembered that the trailer was in color:

Back in the early-ish 1980s, my brother co-wrote (and John Landis directed) a loving retrospective of Universal horror movie trailers called Coming Soon, hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis. I highly recommend it, if you have an hour to spare:

I remembered the Birds trailer from that.


After watching the vid that @nungesser linked to, I wonder, could the foam just be sprayed onto a hat of some sort, and then shape and sand it?