Mister.44 goes to a ComicCon as The Shadow! NOW with COSTUME and SKETCH pics!



What character?

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I’ll tell you, but see if someone can figure it out first…

I guess the only hit is - very retro…


Who knows what evil lurks… :slight_smile:
ETA the ring is the giveaway clue.


Ah shit, the shadow?


Ding ding. Yes the ring was the important detail. I was going to get this $50 one off ebay - but they couldn’t ship fast enough. Ended up with a $10 one off Amazon that I like better.


I am doing a mix of the classic pulp covers, but adding the scarf that was mainly from the comics.

Also trying to get some 3D printed parts to stick into the barrels of some deactivated 1911s to make them look like comic book sound effects. (BLAM!)

Holy shit, it is going to be hot to wear around. Thinking he only fought crime in the winter.


So you’re doing the Younger Shadow, and not the version from when he already did promos for peas and Paul Masson?

By that time, even though he still had the power to cloud men’s minds and stay invisible, he couldn’t cover up the wheezing from getting out of his chair. Or the interminable rants about the studio system.



Welles sounded good, but he never really LOOKED the part, IMHO.

I thought Alec Baldwin did ok.

Of course every boy dreams of growing up and being an M. W. Kaluta drawing…


Crap - I may need to find a wider ribbon to make a hat band…


Bumping for the day crew.

Should I get a black shirt, or use a white one like in the pulp cover.

I already own a white shirt - thinking of staining the gut red and getting some Raybans (and contacts) and a S&W 659 and cosplaying Mr. Orange from Reservoir Dogs - and the contrast might be nice at the sleeves. The scarf and cape and suit will probably cover up the shirt.

Holy shit this is going to be hot.

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No love for Kyle Baker?


Not sure I have those… I like it though. Is that post the Chaykin Reboot in the 80s?

I DO have several from the Howard Chaykin Reboot. And some of the new ones from Dynamite Comics, where Tim Bradstreet did some alt cover. Bought a print and got him to do me a sketch last comic con.

THIS comic con I am throwing money at him AND Howard Chaykin to do sketchs. I think Tim will be cool - hopefully Howard will too. Bonus, they might use me as reference.

Print I have.

Another - love his illustration style.

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Yeah the one that went off the rails and got their rights pulled. Kyle to his defense was only the artist and one who I really love the style of. Probably 90% of why I got them.


Yeah, I liked, but didn’t love Shadow Chaykins stuff. I do like his art work.

MW Kaluta did much of the run DC did in the 70s, but his work for Dark Horse in the 90s was just amazing stuff. Such a talent. And the technology and printing methods better showed off his fine line work and allowed for advanced coloring techniques that help to bring it out further.

I met him once at a smaller comic con - this was like early 2000s. Him and Mike Mignola were there. I had just gotten my first job out of college and was really low on funds. He did me a really nice sketch for $20. Twenty bucks! And he was SUPER nice. I mean, he was inspirationally nice about making me want to keep drawing. I REALLY wish he would come back to town.

The sad part - I don’t know where that sketch is. I know I have it. I had it framed at one point, but the glass broke… I know I took it and put it somewhere safe. I know I moved all my shit from the old house to the new house, and the new house to the apt. So it has to be somewhere (everything is somehwere…)

Maybe if I feel better tonight I will go find it. My kid can help.

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Howard no matter how much he tries fails at mixing porn and not silly in comics, and I wish I could remember the graphic novels he did right after the shadow that were kinda retrofuture noir. Goofy fun but he overplayed the sex part to where that fell flat. His Shadow was very much a product of the 80s though. I like it but yeah it really wasn’t quite the classic Shadow of Walter Gibson.

ETA my only con sketch came free with the book which I couldn’t find in the shops so I got it direct from the artist. Matt Feazell creator of Cynicalman. The sketch is a cynical Mr. Spock. Still sitting in the signed book afaik.

ETA more. Time2 (squared) was the name.


Lots of comic artist will do a doodle if you have a hard back book signed. I saw Kaluta do a few, and I have a Dave Dorman doddle. Mark Textera did one on a poster.

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Stray Toasters ?

That’s Bill Sienkiewicz who I also will buy a book just for his art. I have that series or had as I dumped a lot of books to Friends Of The Library some years ago. I hadn’t looked at the stuff in 20+ years it was time for it to go.

Bill Sienkiewicz has a wicked style.

Check out Art he did for Venture Brothers DVD art.