Roundup of the dumbest Halloween costumes of 2016


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I dunno I like the last one…


If I can get the wife to go as Sexy Darth Vader, I can finally take off all my clothes and go as Sexy Chewbacca.


Yeah, actually enjoyed sexy Darth. But it’s probably because it pretty much looks like a corset.


i hate all of these so, so much.


How about “sexy disillusionment with the democratic process”?


To the left of She-Ra… Did they photoshop Jennifer Lawrence’s face onto Sexy Captain America?


Rosie the Riveter is just Fapulous! I’ll show myself out…


Pix, or it will not have happened.


If it’s like last year, the only pic will be a mugshot, missing a majority of the nauseating majesty of Sexy Jabba.


I actually kind of like that one to be honest!!! I get why its totally sexist no argument there.

Sexy Vader does not belong at a Halloween party…it belongs in some cos-play bedroom fun. :slight_smile:

“Yes Lord Vaderess…you are my master.”


As it turns out, it’s precisely like last year. The io9 post is from 2015.


This “inflatable giant baby” outfit could be the basis of my 400 pound hacker costume!


Me too! Made me laugh out loud. Comic relief after all of the pseudo-porn.
Time for a cigarette.


My son wants to go as Donald Trump… has the giant “Yelling Candidate” head from the halloween store… I just hope he doesn’t come back with a bunch of the neighbor’s cats…


I was wondering why the black and blue dress was topical for 2016!

A “sexy” Rosie-the-Riveter costume… Jesus. Such cluelessness boggles the mind.

(Inb4 “It’s not Rosie the Riveter it’s the We Can Do It Woman.”)


I feel like punching someone (like whoever designed this garbage).


If you have better ideas, be sure to post them here:


The “Adult Cat Costume” is way better than its name suggests: It can be worn with a coat on, it isn’t horribly objectifying, and it’s funny. Not sure if the construction is any good.