Sexy Donald Trump costume


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We should just have a Yandy related post once a week because they are a never-ending source of amusement.

Her ass hangs out almost as much as the actual man’s.


If they had the “cargo shorts” option I’d be all in.


I don’t think that is Donald Trump, I think it is AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. Interesting cross over opportunity.


It’s not just Angus Young. It’s sexy Angus Young. Or maybe Terry Jones.


“Apricot candyfloss tesseract” is maybe the best combination of words I’ve ever heard in my life.

Also, nice shorts, although in pretty sure I don’t want to see them on, 'The Donald ’


Point of order: “sexy Donald Trump” is the opposite of a “Wonderful Thing”.


Do I have to turn in my feminazi badge if I admit that I sent the link to one of my daughters, telling her I’ve solved her quest for the perfect costume this year?


No, because it’s less sexy and more the old tradition for halloween where you dress up as the scariest thing you can. This has got to be pretty close to the top! All it needs is an accessory to suggest they’re really president, say a presidential seal or a nuke button.


Brain candy for Happy Mutants


Have someone accompany them with a nuclear football briefcase handcuffed to their wrist.


No dice. It’s not an authentic Trump suit unless it’s made in China.


Something else about this costume didn’t seem quite right to me, but I think I figured out what was missing.


I’m ready to change my mind about what consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own home. Trump Humpers are destroying America.


I am disappointed, they don’t have a Sexy Bojack Horseman costume. After writing angry letter and posting it first class, I guess I will have to start crafting one.


Boing Boing needs to join in… Perhaps a sexy artisinal stump costume?


I suggest a sexy banana costu…

Crap they already have one.


meh. I’m going as Sexy Rand Paul.


Omg, you can’t denigrate scrumptious Captain Picard like that!


I mean, that at least makes more sense that hot sauce… right?