The world's scariest Halloween lawn decor: 'A Very Very Trump Halloween'


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I used to say “there’s no such thing as monsters,” over the past year I have been proven wrong.


I don’t often use this word, but this display is uncanny. It has been released from its can, like all the demons & furies from Pandora’s box.


My guess…“anonymous” call alleges drug infraction Swat team raids house and “finds/places” drugs and civil asset forfiture begins. I d say this occours the second tiny hands hears about this


Kudos! One thing’s for sure, there will never be a “sexy trump” costume.


Now there’s something truly scarey and frightening (not to mention barf-worthy).


I really don’t get why anyone pays to see horror movies in 2017 when we now get to live one every day for free.


Lizard man Mitch McConnell…

I think McConnell is supposed to be a Turtle Creature. That’s how I’m seeing him.

Also, Putin could have been improved on even more by giving him pants for that shirtless look. Still wonderful, though.


My aunt lives on Alameda. I’ll have to ask if this is near her!


You should read about Jeffrey Dahmer.


great stuff. How long until a redneck with a breast-pocket Constitution vandalizes it?


My thought too…around here the local Necks would most likely burn the house down.



Thanks for the article. I will have to take the wife by to see it this weekend.


You’re right! I was seeing what I wanted to see… a shriveled up lizard man.


Sexy Halloween y’all!


10/10. Will be very interested to see what they will do next year.

If you are thinking of joining in, here are some pointers on how not to do it.


I think I shall call Melania “Melancholia Trump” from now on.


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