Cory reviews Stepping Stones By Lucy Knisley

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My daughter loves this book! She’s read it at least twice in the last week. It gives me a bit of a Totoro vibe, and I’d say it’s in reach for a lot of newly minted kindergarten graduates [who desperately need engaging reading material as we ferry them 1 by 1 across the great void, destination: 2022].

Lucy has a wonderful personal instagram account in addition to a cooking-adjacent one (in which she’s a character called the “condiment raccoon”). Highly recommended! She is a gifted cartoonist. I totally cried when she shared the story about the passing of her cat.


Is this supposed to be an olive branch? (I do recommend Cory’s newsletter btw.)

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I loved French Milk. Haven’t read any of her others, but maybe it’s time to jump back in!

Nuh, they’ve been featuring stuff from Cory’s blog from time to time before. I think the split maybe wasn’t as acrimonious as some believe.


I think Cory’s departure wasn’t because of Mark.

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