There's a Black Mirror book coming, and I'm gonna help write it

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Oh boy, here we go. Where’s the ‘Cory talking about his books’ filter on boingboing? jk man, good luck.

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Is it just novelizations of the TV episodes? If not, excellent! (If it is I still might read it.)

Charlie Brooker is awesome. I’m not even from the UK and ran across his Newsswipe show on YouTube, followed by gamesswipe and weeklywipe. I think I ran across it because I was looking for Adam Curtis videos. I also read his articles on the Guardian. Im very happy he’s getting some publicity in the states. Good for Cory, he’s in good company.



Maybe one of the stories will be set in a techno-dystopian near future where the ONLY literature is novelizations of TV episodes.


As far as I’m concerned, Cory can talk about every frickin’ book he’s ever written here. I haven’t found one yet I didn’t like.
Although, I am struggling a bit with Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, but I haven’t put it down yet.


Congratulations, @doctorow! This sounds like a fun series of books.

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Given that I don’t believe Cory ever wrote an episode, looks like it’s fresh stories.

His *wipe shows are superb but I wish he’d do more of them. We did get a Philomena Cunk spin-off but I want more Brooker!

PS. Nice one, Cory!

I found that one the least like his other books. Half of it was pretty good, the other half was just too weird for me.

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