Apple's trailer for "Silo" is the long-awaited adaptation of Hugh Howey's "Wool"

Originally published at: Apple's trailer for "Silo" is the long-awaited adaptation of Hugh Howey's "Wool" | Boing Boing

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It’s been years since I read the books. I’m looking forward to re-visiting them through what I hope will be a quality series.

The first novel felt weirdly structured to me (for example, introducing several new central protagonists in the opening chapters just to kill each one off in turn) but it made a lot more sense once I learned Howey started writing the series as a collection of one-off short stories published on his web site that he only later strung into a single narrative.

For those unfamiliar with the premise think “City of Ember but written for adults.”


Hey AppleTV, how about mentioning the actual author somewhere!


This should be good

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I found the first story in the collection to be a really interesting Twilight Zone type story, and would have been satisfied if it had just ended there. While I did enjoy the rest of it, I thought it suffered from diminishing returns as he started to explore the implications of and reasons behind the twist.

But maybe I’ll go back and re-read it now that there’s going to be a show.


Crikey, I remember devouring these books when I discovered them, and reading almost everything of Howey’s I could find. I’ll have to give this a look!

Now, if someone would be brave enough to have a stab at Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden trilogy (and maybe even the prequel), I’d be a very happy man :smiley:

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It looks so well done that I’m a little disappointed that I read the books and therefore already know the whole story.

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that trailer seems so close to the images that I had in my head from reading the novels, looking forward to this one.

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I dunno. I read The Expanse books and then watched the series and enjoyed it all. I have read the Wool/Silo books/stories too and hope this series is as good as The Expanse.

Now, if they could just get a Murderbot series going.


There are definitely adaptations of books I’ve read that I’ve still enjoyed, like The Peripheral for instance. But when there’s a central mystery/puzzle to be worked out, already knowing the answer saps a lot of the pleasure from watching it.

I would…um…kill for a Murderbot show!

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