Wool: The Graphic Novel


Very interesting. I’d like to see the adaptation but I also don’t want to ruin my mind’s image of the setting and characters.

Ridley Scott? Are you making the movie yet? So much material to work with. Amazing series. Hugh you are awesome. Sand was great also. Veeery different, but great nonetheless.

Agree with greg - the cover alone is changing my mind’s eye’s view of outside the silo…

In the end, I was disappointed in this series. It was a fascinating situation, and I liked the first book, but the more he tried to fill in the back story, to the extent it was not murky it was simply not credible. He probably should have left the situation largely unexplained and just dealt with it as is.

Too bad. Given how he got there, I was rooting for him but the series just didn’t do it for me.

Am I the only one getting this message from Amazon.com:

“This title is not currently available for purchase”


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