Explainer video: How a gumball machine works


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Barely relevant Benson GIF:


Gumball machines are pretty impressive, especially when you consider that there is no embedded microprocessor…

What? You mean there were complex machines back in the Dark Ages? Who knew?




Yeah, I thought that line was kind of dumb. I was not certainly MORE impressed when I realized there are no microprocessors inside.

In fact, I would be surprised if someone built one WITH microprocessors and it worked as reliably.


Sooner or later there will be gumball machines that take contactless payments.


When I owned a Captain Fantastic pinball machine, I had to learn a lot about it to maintain it. One trivial fact is how the coin apparatus is designed to be easily cleaned after someone dumps Coke in it, an apparently frequent occurrence.


IoGM :grin:


… teaching children worldwide how to capitalism, and to subsist on industrial waste, for over a century. :clap:


I still don’t understand how it knew how to give me a green one.


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