Video: how a pinball machine is made


No video is linked/embedded…

I’m guessing this one:

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That is truly a thing of beauty. As a lifelong pinball addict I’ve always been amazed by the degree of artistry in pinball machines.

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Nonsense. Pinball machines come from another world, whose people are round and silver. If we give them offerings of quarters, they are kind and benevolent - but don’t ever tilt.

Major pinfan here: I have to say I was disappointed in this one. Yeah, we all know that pins have lots of wiring and thousands of small parts (most of which appear to come loose on location and nobody at the arcade cares about pins so the machines never get proper care), but about all I really got from this is how labor-intensive Stern’s product line is. Granted they produce stuff in small batches compared with, say Toyota Camrys, but really: manual hole-drilling instead of a CNC machine? Really?

I think when I want a fix of pinballmachineport, I’ll stick with the internet pinball database

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