Explainer video - how an integrated circuit works

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/05/21/explainer-video-how-an-integ.html


Pretty clear explanation. A plastic model with just a single gate would make it a bit more obvious. Also, I’d like to see an explanation of why the spare components are there.


It’s still technical jargon explained with technical jargon.

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He should probably have explained what a NOR function does, but still a helpful video.

Semiconductors are kind of like accounting, where it’s not so much that the subject is confusing, just that it’s so pithy and anodyne that the knowledge slides right out of my brain even as I understand it. If I use a transistor, I constantly have to check diagrams to remember which is which out of the base / collector / emitter / gate / drain / source.

What’d probably help is if someone came up with a effective visual and/or narrative metaphor to make it more memorable, even if the metaphor is more complicated than the actual explanation. Like, you know, a cartoon where the base is connected to an ant hill and each ant that comes through the base terminal picks up a pineapple from the collector and carries it to a thatched pina colada beach shack connected to the emitter. Or something.

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