HOWTO make a solderless circuit


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From the headline and the summery I thought there was some secret solderless perfboard. The video was fun but it ended with soldering the circuit (and for some reason skipped the important clipping off of excess wire to avoid shorts).

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It’s “introduction to breadboards” and a little bit of “introduction to soldering in perfboards.” The headline is a little misleading.

Interestingly, this reminded me of the last time this video (basically this video) was posted on Boing Boing four years ago, because I had the exact same comment then that I do now (specifically on the perfboard part):

A cute video, but not really informative.

If this video is an introduction to protoboarding, then it’s also an introduction to soldering to a perfboard, since someone who hasn’t used a perfboard has therefore never soldered to a perfboard either.

Yet there was no description of how the soldering works. How the copper pads bind to the solder. How to heat the opposite side of the wire. You can’t assume that knowledge and yet also be introducing the perfboard for the first time.

The breadboard part was good though! And the videos are always well produced.

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Note to self: Stop chewing fingers five days before taping hand close-ups.

Consider the possibility that he did.

Ugg. I couldn’t get through the video. The soldering technique is faulty. It is designed to break joints. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but Boing Boing has serious issues on how they suggest people solder. Here is a decent guide that I’ve linked several times that teaches it properly:


A lot of flak for this post. Over-aggressive. Perhaps it should just havebeen titled Collin’s Lab: Breadboards & Perfboards.

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